Artwork Description

Oil on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

This abstract floral artwork is heavily textured, gloss varnished with sides painted black.
It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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Oil on canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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All art by Anjana Rai

With this artwork I explore the expressive potential of the impasto technique, reveling in the lush and tactile qualities it imparts to the canvas. Through the layering of thick, buttery oil colours—ranging from the radiant blues and yellows to the soft pinks, greys, and whites—I aim to create a visually dynamic and emotionally charged abstract composition.

The canvas becomes a stage for an exuberant dance of colours, each stroke applied with intention to build a richly textured surface. The impasto method allows for a sculptural quality, bringing the artwork to life with a sense of depth and complexity.

At the heart of this vibrant chaos, strokes of black paint intertwine with the other hues, forming an intricate pattern that suggests the emergence of a portrait. This focal point draws viewers into the captivating dance between order and disorder, inviting them to navigate the complexities within the composition.

Embracing the unpredictability and spontaneity of the process, I deliberately allow the colours to blend and collide, creating a visually stimulating and immersive experience. The resulting artwork is intentionally messy, a celebration of the inherent beauty found in chaos.
Creating art is my way of expressing the depth of emotions and the complexity of thoughts that swirl within me. Through the interplay of colors, textures, and techniques, I strive to capture moments of introspection and introspection. My work is a reflection of the beauty and chaos that coexist in our world, inviting viewers to delve into their own interpretations and emotions. Each brushstroke is a whisper of my soul, inviting you to pause, ponder, and feel.Artist Statement:

In my artwork, I explore the beauty and delicacy of white lilies through the medium of oil painting. Using the palette knife technique, I create a heavy textured impasto style, which adds depth and dimension to the composition. The white lilies take center stage in a glass vase, while a white background provides a clean and minimalist backdrop.

Through the bold application of paint, I aim to capture the essence and allure of these elegant flowers. The impasto technique allows me to create a tactile and expressive surface, adding a sense of energy and movement to the artwork. The thick layers of paint create a three-dimensional effect, bringing the lilies to life and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the painting.

The use of a white background enhances the purity and simplicity of the lilies, allowing their graceful forms to stand out. The absence of a dark background creates a sense of lightness and serenity, enhancing the ethereal qualities of the flowers. The glass vase reflects the surrounding light, adding a touch of transparency and luminosity to the composition.

Through this painting, I aim to evoke a sense of tranquility and appreciation for the beauty found in nature. The texture and technique used in the artwork invite viewers to engage with the painting on a tactile level, experiencing the richness and depth of the medium. Ultimately, I hope to convey the timeless beauty and fragility of white lilies, inviting viewers to reflect upon the fleeting nature of life and find solace in the delicate moments that surround us.
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