Ann Russell is a visual artist and art educator and a current candidate for the Doctor of Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, using practice-led research to explore the hidden in curriculum in schools. As part of this research, she has recently published an article in the Art Education Australia Journal. Ann has a Master of Arts (Visual Art), has exhibited locally, interstate and overseas; and has work in regional public and private collections. She is an award winning artist and her work has been selected for finalist exhibitions for numerous notable art awards, including the Churchie Emerging Art Award and Woolhara Small Sculpture Prize. Ann explores liminal spaces and ideas about transcendence and the human condition from a feminist viewpoint. This has led to an interest in fairy tales and myths as a way of examining societal ‘truths’. She is passionate about the environment, sustainability and encouraging creativity and diversity in society.

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2016—(Current) Doctor of Creative Arts, USQ, Toowoomba
2013—2015 Master of Arts (Visual Art)‚ USQ‚ Toowoomba
2008—2010 Art Mentoring Program‚ Artmilk‚ Brisbane
2006 Expressive Watercolour‚ BIA‚ Brisbane
1990 Certificate of Graphic Art‚ CATC‚ Brisbane
1985 Diploma of Teaching (secondary art) BCAE (now QUT) Brisbane


Solo Exhibitions:
2014 Enchanted Forest, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane
2012 Rock Pools‚ Doggett St Studio‚ Brisbane
2009 Aerial‚ Ivory 24/7‚ Artisan‚ Brisbane
2009 Kedesh‚ Percolator Gallery‚ Brisbane
Group Exhibitions:
2013 Sculpture @ Scenic World‚ Scenic World‚ Katoomba‚
2013 She Exhibition‚ Walker Street Gallery‚ Dandenong
2012 Blake Awards Director’s Cut Exhibition Online Gallery‚ blakeprize.com
2012 Moreton Bay Region Art Awards‚ Pine Rivers Art Gallery‚ Strathpine
2012 WetlandCare Australia National Art Competition and Exhibition‚ CSIRO Discovery‚ Canberra
2012 Opening Exhibition‚ Artic Blue Gallery‚ Ibiza‚ Spain
2012 WetlandCare winning entries 2008-11‚ Northern Rivers Community
Gallery‚ Ballina
2012 Stanthorpe Art Awards and Exhibition‚ Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery‚ Stanthorpe
2011 Fall Exhibition‚ Galerie64‚ Hendaye‚ France
2011 Artists at Home and Abroad‚ Broadway Gallery‚ New York
2011 Summer Exhibition‚ Galerie64‚ Hendaye‚ France
2011 She…Who Loves‚ Walker St Gallery‚ Dandenong
2011 WetlandCare Australia Travelling Exhibition‚ Travelling Exhibition‚ NSW
2011 WetlandCare Australia National Art Competition and Exhibition‚ CSIRO Discovery‚ Canberra
2011 Collective Exhibition‚ Camden Gallery‚ London
2011 Crate on Wheels‚ Travelling Exhibition‚ Toowoomba Region
2010 6 Degrees‚ White Canvas Gallery‚ Brisbane
2010 Future Nurture Art Awards‚ Toowoomba Regional‚ Gallery‚ Toowoomba
2010 Travelling Scholarship Exhibition‚ Noosa Regional Gallery‚ Noosa
2010 Eastcoasters‚ Bleeding Heart Gallery‚ Brisbane
2010 Churchie Emerging Art Award‚ Queensland College of Art Gallery‚ Brisbane
2010 Moreton Bay Region Art Awards‚ Pine Rivers Art Gallery‚ Strathpine
2010 Linden Postcard Exhibition‚ Linden Centre for Contemporary Art‚ Melbourne
2009 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize‚ Woollahra Council‚ Sydney
2009 Rhythm of Life‚ Chapel on Station Gallery‚ Melbourne
2009 Tiny Worlds‚ Artisan Gallery ‚ Brisbane
2009 She…Who Discovers‚ Walker St Gallery‚ Dandenong
2008 Stanthorpe Art Awards & Exhibition‚ Stanthorpe Art Gallery‚ Stanthorpe
2007 Enviroarts‚ Laparts‚ Brisbane
2006 Pine Rivers Art Awards & Exhibition‚ Pine Rivers Art Gallery‚ Strathpine
2005 7 at Ascot‚ Ascot Art Gallery‚ Brisbane


2013 Sculpture @ Scenic World‚ http://www.scenicworld.com.au/2013-exhibiting-artists/
2012 City Showcases for Local Artists‚ The Westerner‚ Nov 1‚ 1012
2011 Future Nurture Crates on Wheels‚ Travelling Schools Exhibition‚ Guide for Teachers Pack
2011 Ann’s ‘junk’ art takes on World‚ Quest Newspapers (North West News)‚ February 9.
2010 Artistic Punchline‚ The Sunday Mail (Event)‚ June 6.
2010 Teacher Makes Final Cut‚ Quest Newspapers (North West News)‚ April 28.
2009 Artist Maintains Juggling Act‚ Quest Newspapers (North West News)‚ June 17.
2007 Lang‚ T‚ A Matter of Style‚ feature article‚ Artists Palette‚ Edition 51.
2006 Art is Therapy Open to All‚ Quest Newspapers (North West News)‚ August 16.
2006 Gallery Opening‚ Quest Newspapers (North West News) March 15.


I am interested in the essence of things: spirituality, 'reality' and transcendence, dealing alot with liminal spaces on the peripheries of our perception. My many years as an art teacher have helped me become a jack of all trades in terms of media, and possibly a master of mixed media. My latest works involve alternating layers of resin with painting, translucent papers, gold leaf, hand made decals and found objects. Layering is an important part of my work as it allows for nuanced meaning and reflects divergent ideas. I draw a lot of inspiration from film and literature - particularly anything with a fantastic bent. I am very interested in metaphysics‚ the Divine Feminine and the environment and all of these are obvious in my work. Artists I am inspired by are: Frida Kahlo‚ Rosalie Gascoigne‚ Shaun Tan‚ Yayoi Kusama‚ Peter Madden and Julia DeVille among others.

60cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Mixed Media
46cm (W) x 36cm (H)
Mixed Media
105cm (W) x 85cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
35cm (W) x 45cm (H)
Mixed Media
47cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Mixed Media
47cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Mixed Media
27cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Mixed Media
28cm (W) x 32cm (H)
Mixed Media
31cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Mixed Media
31cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Mixed Media
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