Explosive yet pensive. Visceral yet cerebral. There's a raw physicality to nearly all of Anthony Griffis' works, coupled with a restless intelligence.

As one gallery director says, 'Anthony's work displays a sophisticated control of mark-making that takes the work beyond surface superficiality and decoration, into the realm of deep physicality.'

Another says, 'Never fussy or over-worked, Anthony's work is full of a joyous surge of emotion.'

Whether it's pouring black coffee and red wine over textured paper, or layering thick swipes of paint on canvas, Griffis' work is all the result of a painstaking editing process. Every mark has been questioned, every daub has had to justify itself, or else be obliterated. That process is obvious in the finished works, with previous layers still partly visible. Griffis adds and subtracts, until everything on the canvas co-exists with the desired depth and intensity.

He has had twelve successful solo exhibitions, and has been included in group shows across Australia, being hung alongside such notables as Adam Cullen and Wendy Sharpe. His works are in private and corporate collections in the USA, Denmark, Singapore and Australia.

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October 2016 - 'Scratching the Surface', Gallery 503, Rozelle, SYDNEY

October 2014 - 'Vestige', Queen Street Gallery, Woollahra, SYDNEY

May 2012 – ‘Surface Tension’, Percolator Gallery, BRISBANE

May 2009 –  ‘Excavation’, Noosa Regional Gallery, QUEENSLAND

November 2005 -  ‘The Long Stare’, Cameron Brockhouse Design, NOOSA

June 2002 – ‘New Works’, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Paddington, SYDNEY

April 2002 – ‘Evoke’, Noosa Regional Gallery, QUEENSLAND.

August 2001 – ‘Body of Work’, 1+2 Artists Studios Rozelle, SYDNEY.

February 2001 – ‘New Works’, The Adelaide Central Gallery, SA.

July 2000 -  ‘Head’, 1+2 Artists Studios Rozelle, SYDNEY

July 1999 -  ‘Severing Ties’, The Artists’ Gallery Hunters Hill, SYDNEY.

June 1997 – ‘Painting & Drawing’, The Watch House Gallery Balmain, SYDNEY.


February 2002 – ‘The Courier-Mail Art Prize’, BRISBANE.

December 2001 – ‘Christmas Show’, 1+2 Artist Studios, SYDNEY.

October 2001 – ‘The Walkom Manning Art Prize’, Manning Regional Gallery, TAREE NSW.

February 2001 – ‘Creative Madness’, Volvo Gallery, SYDNEY.

January 2001 – ‘Hung, Drawn and Framed!’, PCL Exhibitionists, SYDNEY.

November 2000 – ‘Opening Show’, 1+2 Artist Studios Rozelle, SYDNEY.

February 2000 – ‘Swan Hill National Drawing Awards’, Swan Hill, VIC.


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50cm (W) x 40.5cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
50cm (W) x 40.5cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
50cm (W) x 40.5cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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