I have been making art for over 20 years. I have been fortunate to show my works in group shows and galleries over the years. My highlight was having a show in Switzerland and being represented by Dickerson Gallery and Pollock Gallery in Melbourne.My passion is to work in the studio and produce works that inspire me to keep working and develop new images. I usually work without prep sketches and I like to invent on the surface directly. For many years I have been working with a printmaking technique called the monotype or monoprint. This is my absolute favourite method of image making. It allows me to keep a stream of an idea going and then i can explore variations of a theme or image. A monotype put simply is a one off original print. Ink or paint is applied on to perspex or glass and then paper pressed on it. A monoprint is when the first image residue is left on the perspex surface and additions in ink are made to it (or ink can be wiped off too). The resulting image is repeated over a number of following prints. This is a ghost image of the first original image you started with. I love this technique the most. As the ink on the perspex stays wet for weeks and even if i have a break from the studio‚ I can continue to pickup from where I left off. It suits me well. All resulting images are original works of art. I have been seriously practicing and exploring this way of working since about 2005. Many artists have employed this technique‚ most notably Edgar Degas.

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1995 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art- Painting

1993-1994 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology-

Advanced Certificate in Art and Design

1991-1992 Tutored by Joan Lane – drawing/pastels/oils



2005 Evolution- 19 Monotypes. Works on Paper. Dickerson Gallery‚ Melbourne


2009 Waterhouse Natural History Prize- South Australia (traveling to Canberra)

2008 Seven Emerging Artists- Pollock Gallery‚ Richmond

2007 The Collectors’ Exhibition. C.A.S. Steps Gallery‚ Melbourne

2006 The Little Malop Nudes ‚ Little Malop Gallery‚ Geelong (now Metropolis Gallery)

2006 “Transformations”‚ Port Art Gallery‚ Port Art Gallery‚ Melbourne

2006 Melbourne Art 06- Port Art Gallery- Exhibition Building‚ Melbourne

2006 Emerging Artists‚ Pollock Gallery‚ Richmond

2006 Homage To Modern Masters‚ Port Art Gallery‚ Melbourne

2005 Works on Paper. Pollock Gallery‚ Richmond

2005 The Collectors’ Exhibition. C.A.S. Steps Gallery‚ Melbourne

2003/04 Group Show. Pollock Gallery‚ Richmond

1997 Galleria d”Arte L’Occhio di Elissabetta Donaggio - Venice‚ Italy

1997 La Gallerie Marie-Louise Muller - Neuchatel‚ Switzerland

1994 “Metaphor” (opened by Max Delany) The Steps Gallery‚ Melbourne



Courrier Neuchatelois‚(Suisse) 6/2/1997 - Laurence Carducci; “Visages Les

passages de l’ame a travers le fusain et les formes”

“Riccardo Angelo -19 Monotypes”. Catalogue of works. Published by Stephen J. Williams‚ 2005.

Melbourne‚ Australia

“Multiple Monotypes”. Published by Stephen J. Williams‚ 2005. Online – www.stephenjwilliams.com


Cover image - Family Matters 2008. Issue Number 80. Australia Institute of Family Studies‚
Melbourne‚ Australia. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2008.


An important early influence and an inspiration to me was Max Ernst very early on. I was greatly interested in the Dada movement and Surrealism. Reading wise I was into Sigmund Freud’s Dream Theory. Also at about the same time in the early nineties‚ the Australian artist Brett Whitely captured my imagination and I emulated his style. Henri Matisse was an inspiration as too was Wasily Kandinsky. Kandinsky I emulated. I was recently saying to my brother that I can see Matisse in a lot of my works. I’ll just name the following influences as I remember them randomly.
So here goes – Picasso‚ Jacques Luis David‚ David Casper Friedrich‚ Gustave Courbet‚ Salvador Dali‚ Georges Seurat‚ Charles Blackman‚ Afro‚ Karel Appel and the Cobra group‚ Sidney Nolan‚ Arthur Boyd‚ Peter Walsh‚ Vincent Van Gogh and the list goes on. Recently‚ the amazing artist Adolf Gotlieb !

61cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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