Nude paintings

Nudes are a tradition in Western art and have featured heavily throughout history, becoming particularly prevalent in ancient Greek times. Exploring ideals in female and male beauty as well as human nature has long intrigued artists and art lovers.

Michelangelo, the artist behind possibly the most famous nude in art history, David, said, "What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?" We couldn’t agree more.

Find exquisite paintings for sale by many of Australia’s best emerging and established artists in our Nude Collection.

101.6cm (W) x 101.6cm (H)
acrylic on stretched canvas
25cm (W) x 20cm (H)
Photo Transfer and Acrylic Ink on Deep Cradled Panel Board
20cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Acrylic, Acrylic Ink and Graphite on Cradled Panel Board
40cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Acrylic on canvas stretched ready to hang
30cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Mixed media on heavy paper
58cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Professional watercolour and paper
20cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Watercolour professional paints, fine art paper.
38cm (W) x 56cm (H)
Oil pastel and acrylic on paper
28cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Watercolour paint on Arches 300 GSM watercolour paper. (French)
29.7cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Charcoal and pencil on paper ,225gr.
62cm (W) x 92cm (H)
Acrylics and Charcoal on High Quality Canvas (Ready to Hang)
42cm (W) x 138cm (H)
Oil on stretched canvas with painted sides READY to HANG on your wall
120cm (W) x 70cm (H)
fabrics and acrylic paint
50cm (W) x 70cm (H)
felt pens,pencils,pastel,charcoal on purple paper
50cm (W) x 70cm (H)
felt pens,pencils,ink pens,charcoal on pink paper
50cm (W) x 70cm (H)
pencils,ink pen,felt pens on pink paper
40cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Oil on board
41cm (W) x 39cm (H)
Oil on board
39cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Oil on board
39cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Oil on board