Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland, Australia

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Acrylics and Charcoal on High Quality Canvas (Ready to Hang)


This is my latest fashion inspired charcoal and acrylics art creation. I am enjoying the extra detail challenge I have controlling my splashes of acrylics within the charcoal curls and twists of the dress. You will see a unique acrylic/resin/watercolour type mix throughout the dress as I have been creating new mixes to better express my imagination. These fashion figure models are made up, though the dresses are based off high fashion designers I'm inspired by. The name; I plan on heading to Melbourne again soon, with a desire to explore more on history, arts and of course fashion.

With my unique charcoal application techniques and acrylic splashing style, I express my thinking and emotions on what I see as beauty in life. My unique creations have been safely shipped to art collectors throughout Australasia, Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. All works are shipped with insurance and tracking- also with a detailed and signed certificate of authenticity.


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