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By Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland, Australia

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My latest art piece is an expression of freedom and confidence. I am becoming more influenced by the ocean lately and find the walks I take to set me off with a day dream on 'what's beyond what I can see'. I use the birds as a representation of this day dream to mix my thoughts on life and death with emotional reaction. This piece has a mix of resin, gouache and acrylics in the mix. I've created some new mixing techniques to improve vibrancy and splash control of my art for 2018.

I have now sourced new high quality canvas. The canvas has environmentally sustainable pine backing, high quality cotton duck canvas and also a thick 4cm cross pine frame. This heavier canvas allows me to create more realistic and detailed charcoal art pieces.

This high quality canvas piece is ready to hang and sealed with charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.


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