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By (Atol) Bertrand Dupuche

Brisbane, Australia, Australia

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I’ve used a high-quality Indian cotton paper made in Pune, bought while I was training with dancer, Osho art therapist and painter Meera Hashimoto in 2009. I worked in acrylic inks and paints for this inner Cavescape. I’ve used high and low key colours in a layered manner that gives a real sense of depth, of translucent transparencies in this abstract composition.
This painting was my first attempt at putting into practice what I had learnt in the training with Meera, being present, alert and aware while having fun, allowing my creative intelligence to be my guiding light. Even though I didn’t have the meditative Buddha-field that the Osho International Meditation Resort has, many times I got completely lost and absorbed in this layered inner landscape and cave-like painting.


acrylics, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, outback, purple, magenta, yellow, red, reddish brown, yellow deep, cadmium orange, blue, orange, abstract, intuitive, contemporary, cool tone, warm tone, meditative, meditative art, summer, autumn, spring, australian, cave landscape, australian cave