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(Atol) Bertrand Dupuche

Brisbane, Australia, Australia

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Acrylic inks and paints on Indian cotton paper


I’ve used a high-quality Indian cotton paper made in Pune, bought while I was training with dancer, Osho art therapist and painter Meera Hashimoto in 2009. I worked in acrylic inks and paints for this inner tapestry of roots. I’ve used high and low key colours in a layered manner that gives a real sense of depth, of translucent transparencies in this abstract composition.
While working on this painting in 2013, my girlfriend and I had only just recently moved from Sydney to Brisbane. I had just left my day job as a graphic designer in a reputable architectural firm in North Sydney. Financial security at that time, so I thought, came from having a good job and a steady paycheck. I felt uprooted facing the unknown; I was in a totally different part of this big continent and knew no one in Brisbane. Though that wasn’t the first time, I felt uprooted. I left Mauritius in January of 1996 and felt completely terrified yet at some level excited exploring a new country and discovering what I might create with my life. So my journey as a painter really took roots in Brisbane where I feel a whole lot more relaxed than I have ever felt in life. This inner exploration started with the questions: “What does it mean to have roots in life? How does that feel and look like? How do I respond to life with solid roots? How do I relate to people when I’m grounded or vice-versa?” This is an ongoing process.


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