Atol bertrand dupuche australian artist 01
By (Atol) Bertrand Dupuche

Brisbane, Australia, Australia

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I’ve used a high-quality Indian cotton paper made in Pune, bought while I was training with dancer, Osho art therapist and painter Meera Hashimoto in 2009. I worked in acrylic inks and paints for this inner tapestry of roots. I’ve used high and low key colours in a layered manner that gives a real sense of depth, of translucent transparencies in this abstract composition.
While working on this painting in 2013, my girlfriend and I had only just recently moved from Sydney to Brisbane. I had just left my day job as a graphic designer in a reputable architectural firm in North Sydney. Financial security at that time, so I thought, came from having a good job and a steady paycheck. I felt uprooted facing the unknown; I was in a totally different part of this big continent and knew no one in Brisbane. Though that wasn’t the first time, I felt uprooted. I left Mauritius in January of 1996 and felt completely terrified yet at some level excited exploring a new country and discovering what I might create with my life. So my journey as a painter really took roots in Brisbane where I feel a whole lot more relaxed than I have ever felt in life. This inner exploration started with the questions: “What does it mean to have roots in life? How does that feel and look like? How do I respond to life with solid roots? How do I relate to people when I’m grounded or vice-versa?” This is an ongoing process.


orange, blue, yellow, green, acrylics, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, abstract, contemporary, intuitive, cool tone, warm tone, australian, meditative art, meditative, summer, high key colours, low key colours, spring, nature, roots, purple, red, landscape