Barbara grew up in north wales and as a child loved the outdoors. Living in a small village close to maintains, and the vale of Llangollen an area well known for its picturesque beauty. School holidays were spent gathering wildflowers in spring and summer and autumn leaves as the season changed. Trees and autumn leaves are some of the features of her paintings.
Her Father was a coal miner and like many miners sang as they went to work, she often listens to welsh male voice choirs as she paints. Her Father loved to draw using pencil and paper and would encourage Barbara to Draw, however she much preferred to play with colour and would colour in the pictures her father drew for her.
Barbara married and with her husband and two children moved to WA and was immediately taken with the very different scenery and colours of the landscape. She once said after travel to the Kimberly than the country resonated with her and she felt at home with its rugged beauty.
Her work shows use of strong vibrant colours and many of her works tell a tale Her work is expressive and often there is a story behind the creation of each piece, whether it be abstract or landscape, she feel artwork is one of the best forms of communication.
Barbara began working in oils and loved the rich colour and textures that can be achieved, however she now prefer to use acrylics as the work dries quickly allowing her to continue working on a piece. Using acrylic allows her to use other mediums in the work creating some interesting textures and outlines. Barbara has had several art teachers and has worked with some wonderful artist and has learnt many useful and different techniques from each one.
Barbara likes her work to be colourful and bold using a variety of mediums to achieve images that are filled with intensity and emotion. She finds that the best source of inspiration is the world around her and life it self. Barbara likes to walk along the banks of the river where she lives as well as visiting new places and meeting people.
Barbara is an artist that loves blending and merging colours‚ to allow the free forming expression that comes from creation, abstracts, are personal and evoke emotions, she wants the viewer to go into the piece and explore. Her paintings are hanging in private collections Australia wide as well as internationally in France and the UK. Barbara wants to create art that will encourage discussion and enjoyment.

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I have participated in several local exhibitions.2017 Dardanup Art Spectacular

2017 Bunbury Show
2016 Manjar Art Awards
2016 Fire and Fibre Bunbury
2016 Dardanup Art Spectacular
2016 Australind Art Club 2 x Exhibitions
2015 Dardanup Art Spectacular
2015 Margaret River Agricultural Show
2015 Australind Art Club 3 x Exhibitions
2014 Australind Art Club
2014 Brunswick Agricultural Show
2013 Dardanup Art Spectacular
2010 Dardanup Art Spectacular


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