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Betty Chan


Acrylic on canvas


The Finalist of Gallipoli Art Prize 2016
This is an artwork of New Zealand Soldiers Lieutenant Spencer Westmacott of 16th Waikato Regiment 1915. My inspiration came from my recent trip to New Zealand amd to the Ta PaPa Museum, where I stumbled upon to a Gallipoli Exhibition featuring Spencer Westmacott. He was a great inspiration of mine and I've always wanted to do a painting of him.
In the painting, the background is lack to accentuate the sense of darkness and fear of war. I've used dark colours because war is dark and gives an impression of military security.
Westmacott's expression portrays the power and bravery emphasising that he is not afraid of death, yet desperate to fight for the protection of his country. War does demonstrate terror and death, but also illustrates the power of bravery.


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