I grew up in one of the vibrant city called Ahmedabad. My parent’s house was in the old city, which is also known for its heritage buildings. Those historical buildings, and the carvings, designs and amazing colours which surrounded us always amazed me as a child and led me to replicate much of it in my art later in life. Our home seemed to be filled with visitors talking about art, politics and literature which gave me the grounding I needed for my deep love of painting.
I cannot recall excelling at school, indeed I skipped the odd class here and there, but never an arts class. I was always sketching anything that inspired me, landscape, still life and natural form. My family were very encouraging to me, and at fifteen I painted a landscape, which at five feet by three feet was almost bigger than me, but the fact it sold was the encouragement I needed to keep painting. I realised later that as it was sold to a friend of my father’s that it was more a friendly gesture – but still it was that first piece that pushed me along.
Since then I have painted hundreds of pieces, selling in markets, gifting to family and friends, and in India, selling to a very well-known art store. I have created pieces on paper, canvas, glass, aluminium and sand pots. Mostly my art is inspired by different Indian culture and its diverse heritage.
After 10 years of selling my artwork to India’s tourists I took of a job opportunity in Sydney, where I soon realised that I would love painting in this beautiful city. I love working with bold colours and creating work that is pleasing to the eye and spreading the positive energy around.

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Master of Information Systems , Sydney

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