5 Reasons Why Abstracts Are This Year’s Most Popular Collection

Abstracts take a step away from reality and present a subjective view of the world. While the subject matter of an abstract piece might not be immediately obvious, it is hugely variable nevertheless, and in Bluethumb’s collection you can find just about everything.

This year has seen some incredible pieces uploaded to the site, so we’re not really surprised at its huge popularity. However, we also wanted to go a little bit deeper into the question of why abstracts appeal to people in 2017.

1. They’re one of a kind

Every single piece on Bluethumb is one of a kind, but the lack of control demanded by major abstract genres such as expressionism or impressionism, and certain mediums, such as resin, means that these pieces are really, really one of a kind – they’d be pretty darn difficult to reproduce! 2017 has marked another year of mass produced iPhones and celeb-driven trends; no wonder so many people want to set their walls apart with something truly unique.

Resin wall pendant

Samadhi, a resin wall pendant by Golnar Luzza. This piece is unmistakably one-of-a-kind and would add a special touch to any wall!

2. They’re challenging

Abstract pieces take a step away from reality, representing subject matter in a more conceptual way; they prompt the viewer to think about their own interpretation and what the artist is trying to communicate. In other words, they require a little bit of independent thought. At a time when viral videos take up a good 20% of our time, it doesn’t hurt to look up every now and then and engage in the colours and shapes on the canvas.

Houses abstract artwork.

Surburban Houses by David Martin Ross. This piece has an easily distinguishable subject matter – what is the artist trying to say by rendering it like this?

3. They work in any room

There’s nothing quite like walking into your own little haven and shutting the door on an often chaotic world outside. Your home should be somewhere warm and inviting, and abstract artworks are a lovely addition to any room. The fact that they don’t resemble anything too closely means that you’re unlikely to get sick of them, and they’re easy to transfer between rooms or houses. With artwork you treasure, any wall can feel like home! No need to stop eating smashed avo after all, then…

Abstract artwork

The colours in this piece are fresh and soothing at the same time, and look fantastic in any room! A Fresh Start by Sacha Beverly.

4. They change the way we think about things

The great thing about abstract artwork is that it shows us an individual’s outlook on the subject matter, whether that’s an idea, a scene, a person or just a mood. Of course, this is true of any artwork, but abstract work moves away from reality and towards a more personal, subjective perception. In other words, abstracts encourage us to appreciate the world in a whole new way! After all, let’s face it – in today’s political climate, remaining open-minded can be only a good thing.

screenprinting studio

Indigenous artworks often differ from Western realism and could fall under the category of ‘abstract’. They can be a great resource to learn and to see things from another point of view. Here, artists from Injalak Arts are screenprinting in the studio.

5. They give us a break from reality

Finally, one of the best things of all about abstract art is that it gives us a break from reality! In a world full of viral videos, crazy politics and mass-produced goods, sometimes all you want is to let your imagination wander with something a little less concrete.

Abstract artwork

Carnival in the City by Susan Davies.

Cover image: Jacquelyn Stephens in her studio.

June Mills, Larrakia, Artist, Bluethumb Art Prize
Meet Judge June Mills: Larrakia Elder, Artist and Activist


  1. Huh! Times are changing for the better, I’ve been abstract painter for 20 yrs. In 2017 I gave in to landscapes, wondered why i didnt sell. But I’ll be back making abstracts again!

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