How to Display Art in a Kitchen

Art takes on a personality of its own displayed in a kitchen. Choose from modern art, custom artwork, and more. Find a stunning piece of art called Dreamer, for example, and create a magical and surreal kitchen that makes you feel carefree after work is over. Whatever you decide on, now you need to figure out where the artwork should be placed in the kitchen.

Create a Focal Point

Instead of displaying many small pieces of art, find one large piece of art to displace on the main wall in your kitchen. As guests arrive they will love glancing at a landscape painting or a modern piece of art that seems to come alive on the wall. If the colors are bold on the painting, tone down the rest of the kitchen with neutrals. If you prefer bold colors, add a few more pops of colors on kitchen accessories throughout the kitchen. You don’t want the bold colors to overwhelm so it’s important to incorporate lighter shades as well.

Line up Three Paintings Vertically on a Wall

If you enjoy Southwestern elements, find a watercolor art piece with red colors. Confidents, from bluethumb, is a refreshing work of art that features a young woman with similar Southwestern elements and red color tones. Do you really want the artwork to stand out? Put three pieces of art right next to one another vertically on the wall. It can be the fridge or oven depending on your wall space. All three art pieces will play off of one another and create bold accents in your kitchen.


Create a Theme and Decorate around it

If you have a theme in mind, stick with it. Plan your artwork around the theme and let that lead you in regards to how you want to display your artwork. Perhaps you want a few smaller pieces of art on easels or a piece on your dining room table. Whatever the theme may be, let it guide you with the creation process. Add stylish elements such as a long rug or big clock to finish off the look.

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