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5 Fresh Faces of Bluethumb 

With a jump in new artists signing up to Bluethumb during the Art Prize entry period we’re excited to announce that Bluethumb is now the Home of (over 20,000!) Australian Artists. We thought now was the perfect time to point the spotlight on 5 fresh new faces. You can view the full curation of Fresh Faces of Bluethumb here.

1. Mahalia Mabo

Fresh Face Mahalia Mabo

Fresh Face Mahalia Mabo.

Mahalia is a proud Manbarra, Nywaigi and Meriam woman. She comes from a long line of artists and creatives, with her late grandparents, Eddie Koiki Mabo and Dr Bonita Mabo, both activists and artists. Eddie Mabo is known for his landmark campaigning for Indigenous land rights in Australia. Mahalia’s bright and colourful artworks explore the memories surrounding her culture and her heritage. 

Fresh Face Mahalia Mabo

‘Journey to the Dreaming’ by Mahalia Mabo.

2. Simone Piccioni

Fresh Face Simone Piccioni

Fresh Face Simone Piccioni.

Simone was born in Rome, graduating from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. His life detoured when he landed a lead role in a feature film, which led to many opportunities in the Italian entertainment industry. After completing a successful TV series, Simone travelled to Australia and fell in love with its beauty. This inspired him to go back to his true passion for the arts, and has since lived in Sydney. Simone’s paintings have been selected for several private collections and he has been commissioned to paint for many European government officials and palaces, including Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

Fresh Faces Simone Piccioni

Bluethumb Art Prize entry ‘There is an Upupa Bird’ by Simone Piccioni.

3. Julia Burt

Julia Burt is an award winning graphic designer and visual artist. She has higher educations in fine arts, graphic design, visual communication and photography. Initially worked in the music and entertainment industry; creating designs, artwork, concepts and murals for musicians, clubs, concerts and festivals. But this year Julia has emerged solely as an artist, dedicating her time to creating her own art.

Fresh Face Red Light

Bluethumb Art Prize entry ‘Red Light’ by Julia Burt. 

4. Bethany Seidel 

Bethany is an Australian artist, located on the South Coast. When creating art she uses the natural surroundings and elements found in nature as inspiration for her pieces. She is a self taught artist who enjoys painting with gouache, watercolours, and pencils. These allow her to capture the high quality details and vibrancy in her work. Bethany is currently a visual art student whose passion for painting and creating is evident in her highly detailed artworks.

Fresh New Faces Bethany Seidel

Bluethumb Art Prize entry ‘Crashing Waves’ by Bethany Seidel.

5. Ando 

Fresh Face Ando

Fresh Face Ando.

Ando is a Queensland local who creates incredibly realistic artworks, that are large in scale and make a statement. His artworks have been big enough to be seen from a plane, and he has created the world’s largest canvas painting by a single artist! He has been painting since he was four years old, and has been a professional artist for thirty years, with thousands of his artworks selling to collectors across the globe. These pieces are themed around sweeties, or drinks, and are guaranteed to make your mouth water and your eyes widen in surprise.

Fresh Face Ando

‘Orange Twist’ by Ando.

View the full curation of Fresh Faces of Bluethumb here.

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