5 Renter-Friendly Ways To Display Art

Don’t believe you can display art without upsetting the landlord? Read on to discover five landlord-approved styling tips to safely inject style and display art in your space. Plus, check out this week’s curation, Budget-Friendly Statement Art, for the perfect piece to start turning your rental into a home.

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1. Command Strips

Instead of taking a hammer and nail to the walls of your rental, try Command hooks and hanging strips. Sold in varying sizes and shapes, these velcro-like plastic hooks and strips are game-changers for renters! Mount framed work and hanging textiles without creating damage and losing your bond. The larger Command strips can handle artworks measuring 90cm and weighing up to seven kilograms. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging to display and remove your artwork with ease. 

Display artworks like Amber Sea Agate by Danielle Torresan that can be easily hung using a command hook.

Amber Sea Agate by Danielle Torresan can be easily displayed using a command hook.

2. Works on Paper

What do photographs, watercolours and prints on paper all have in common? The answer is that they’re all generally light and easy to display using blue-tack. Works on paper are a renter’s best friend. Use these to cover ugly marks on the wall, stained by past renters and shotty real estate touch-ups. When the time comes to move to your next place, carefully remove the artwork from the wall and roll it for safe transportation.

‘Amada (Beloved) Frida' and ‘Contemplando Frida' are limited edition giclee prints by Tania Cole.

Amada (Beloved) Frida and  Contemplando Frida are limited edition giclee prints by Tanya Cole.

3. Utilise Surfaces

Another great way to display canvas paintings and framed artworks is by leaning them against a wall. Simply place them on a shelf, desk, or another suitable surface. The best thing about this tip is that you can reorganise and redecorate whenever you want by simply picking them up and putting them down in their new spot. Channel your inner interior designer and curate your artwork with other decor items, such as handles and vases.

Display art by leaning it against the wall like this Nalisa in Spring by Yunn Ru Soo.

Nalisa in Spring by Yunn Ru Soo.

4. Sculptures & Ceramics

Sculptures are perfect for bare bookshelves and entryway tables in desperate need of some character. Lucky for you, there’s a large selection of sculptural works for sale on Bluethumb. From Emma Young’s beautiful glass creations to Brad Gunn’s playful velvet statues, you’re sure to find something to spruce up your home. Not only are sculptures aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also multipurpose and can be used as vases for flowers and foliage, storage and display vessels. 

Heeler Penny Pincher by Emma Young.

5. Railings & Hooks

There are multiple temporary tension rod options for sale that are easy to install and suspend your artwork from. Mimic Bluethumb’s gallery installation by suspending your artwork from wire or creating further interest by tethering it with rope and ribbon. Make sure to check the integrity of pre-existing hooks and railings in your rental before hanging artwork to protect it from unwarranted damage.

Display art with hooks and wire like in this snapshot of work hanging in Bluethumb's Richmond-based gallery.

Snapshot of work hanging in Bluethumb’s flagship Richmond gallery.

See, injecting personality into your rental is possible with these 5 Renter-Friendly Ways To Display Art! Don’t forget to tag #mybluethumbart on social media and check out this week’s curation, Budget-Friendly Statement Art, for inspiration. 

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