A Bluethumb Red Envelope for Chinese New Year

This Friday marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, an annual holiday in Chinese culture based on the lunar calendar and celebrated with a number of traditions. Sharing a family meal, watching dragon dancing or gifting red envelopes filled with lucky money to younger or unmarried members of the family are a few examples of how one might spend the occasion. 


Grungle’s already having a great start to the New Year!

In Chinese culture, each lunar year is also significant for its zodiac sign, with this New Year marking the Year of the Dog. People born in the year of the dog tend to be independent, sincere, loyal, decisive and unaffected by daily hardships. As a result, they get along well with the people around them. For those born in the year of the dog, 2018 has been predicted as holding challenges and changes, and a time in which it is important to focus on balance.

Given the cultural importance of Chinese New Year to many members of our community, we wanted to do something a little special.

In collaboration with Bluethumb artist Soo Beng Lim, we’ve designed our own Bluethumb red packet, inspired by traditional designs but featuring Soo Beng’s piece Havanese Pup in his traditional watercolour style. It was hard to choose just one of his canine portraits, as Soo Beng has four pieces available. 

“I appreciate the recognition and feel privileged to be partnering with Bluethumb on this project,” says Soo Beng, who is Malaysian-born Chinese, having migrated to Sydney in 1988.

red envelope

The perfect size for a crisp note!

Soo Beng says that he created his dog portraits after “the popular response to my cat and rooster paintings” which inspired him to include the dog “in keeping with the spirit of ushering in the Year of the Dog.”

His plans for the occasion? “I will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my children and grandchildren at a reunion dinner and traditional gifting of red packets. Also catching up with family friends at festive dinner parties.”

You can download your envelope here!

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