Introducing Irena Zbrankova – Bluethumb Artist

Bluethumb artist, Irena Zbrankova, lives on Brisbane’s north side, and is a single mum of two daughters (who she loves to “pamper endlessly” – lucky girls!) and an avid rugby fan.

Having studied drawing, painting, sculpture and graphics for seven years at the Zlin Graphic School of Art, in Czech Republic, she made the long move to Australia in 2008.

Her most recent work Virility in Yellow is a study of the male figure, focussing on masculinity and the male form as a result of sport and hard, uncompromising training.  Using colours to complement the figure’s skin tone, she has also expressed tenderness and understanding in his facial features.

Irena describes the work as “expressing man’s emotions as well as his fighting spirit, strength and courage”.

Having created many portrait pieces, she says her work is always influenced by the emotional perception of the model.

Irena’s biggest inspiration is Michelangelo, with his continuous efforts to represent perfect physical beauty.

She says that in five years time, her dream is to live in a sun-lit house, with a large garden and loving husband by her side.

Welcome to bluethumb Irena!  Check out Irena’s profile.

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