Pen Donovan Joins Bluethumb

This month, we welcome Pen Donovan to the bluethumb community.  She’s a fifty-five year old artist from Brisbane and calls herself “a late developer…either that or very, very slow!”

Since moving to Brisbane three years ago, Pen says she has realised how strongly location is linked to what she produces.  Hence, the Brisbane River and sunlight playing in water has influenced her recent work.

In her spare time, she’s also having fun painting traffic boxes around the Brisbane area. It relieves the ‘no studio’ angst – and it’s getting art out there in public space. Good for morale and a great way to get work out there!

Pen cites Reg Mombassa’s biography as an inspiration.  She also loves David Hockney’s work and attitude to art.

Like many artists today she continues to struggle with making a living versus producing art.  In five years time, Pen hopes to be painting full-time and making a living from it. Doesn’t everybody?

Check out Pen’s profile!

Olive by Pen Donovan

Olive by Pen Donovan, acrylic on canvas, 121cm x 91cm, $150

Ben Eckersley Exhibits at Inspire 24th July

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