6k Artists Make Their Mark on Bluethumb

In a huge milestone moment, we’re proud to announce that over 6,000 artists have successfully sold their artwork through Bluethumb Art. “Bluethumb has supported more living artists in their quest to build a sustainable career than anyone in Australia’s history,” co-founder Ed Hartley explains.

This achievement underscores our ongoing commitment to breaking down the barriers of the traditional art market and fostering a diverse artistic community.

Bluethumb Founders, Ed and George Hartley.

Bluethumb Founders Ed and George Hartley, outside our Melbourne gallery.

Founded by Ed and George Hartley, Bluethumb Art has consistently championed the idea that art should be accessible to everyone. Our platform empowers artists across Australia by providing them with a space to sell their work directly to collectors worldwide.

“We started Bluethumb in 2012 to give artists a better way to grow their careers. As we built the technology, we would ask a simple question at every decision point: does this help artists sell more artwork? This focus has helped us get here, and I’m proud of the 6,000 Bluethumb artists who now have their art in collectors’ homes.”
– George Hartley (co-founder)

40x40 Exhibition

’40×40′ Exhibition in our Melbourne gallery.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on democratising the art world, making it easier and less intimidating for people to own original art.

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Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of art, making it more accessible, inclusive, and integral to everyday life.

Our new tagline.

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  1. Angela Maria Wilson says:

    I would like to sale my artwork, but I don’t have a website.

  2. Teresa says:

    Fabulous artworks from all around the country. Very talented people and it’s great to support Australian artists. Just wish I had more walls to purchase even more art. Thank you Bluethumb and all of the wonderful artists.

  3. Hello BlueThumb team,
    I am one of the many artists on your platform. I joined about 6 weeks ago, with all my listings set as VIP.
    I would like to set sail, and get involved with BlueThumb as much as possible to try and become a full-time artist. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    I noticed BlueThumb does not have a walk-in gallery in New South Wales. I am from Sydney and I was wondering, is it possible for me to exhibit paintings in your galleries (example – 40×40 exhibition), or are these types of events invitation only?

    • Eden Young says:

      Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for your comment, we’re stoked to hear you’re on the journey to pursuing art full time! Checking out the Artist Tips category on the blog and reading through our handy FAQ’s is a great place to start. For further support and to speak with the right person, we recommend emailing our friendly team at help@bluethumb.com.au
      Best wishes,
      Bluethumb Team

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