Design Your Next Room With My Walls!

Will that painting clash with my retro pink decor?  Why not try before you buy!

Bluethumb has a great feature – perfect for those home decorators or interior designers.

My Walls lets you upload photos of your walls at home or those of your design client, and test out artworks to see how they’ll look.

The process is easy!  Just sign into your bluethumb account and click on the “My Walls” link in the bottom menu.  Upload your photos following the simple instructions.  Add as many walls as you like!

Then get browsing… As you find artworks that you’re into, click on the “Preview on my wall” link below the “Buy Now” button of the artwork.  You can change the wall behind any artwork and My Walls will scale each artwork proportionately to the size of your wall.

Here’s a good example:

Star Gazing by Braidy Hughes

Happy decorating!

Introducing Jane Welsh – Bluethumb Artist

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