Feng Shui, Visual Art, and Interior Design

The connections between Feng Shui and visual art may not be totally or instantly apparent, but like most things, if you get inside them and take time to understand them, they become perceptible and can add meaning to your life. Applying the art or principles of Feng Shui to an artwork or to an interior design will encourage positive energy, and induce beneficial effects in regards to health, relationships, and prosperity.

Feng Shui is an ancient art form, and like all things, the more you know and understand them, the more obvious the benefits. When correctly applied it can change your inner landscape; when put into use in your physical environment it will bring about positive change throughout your life. Feng Shui can be applied to a wide variety of purposes. Applying Feng Shui to visual art might best be described as; it’s not about what you put on the canvas, but the intention of what you put on.

Anna Zarasyan of Zara Interiors http://www.zarainteriors.com.au who specialises in Feng Shui, art and interior design, talks about the connections between the three arts. “Feng Shui corresponds with other art forms and at their deepest levels, all the arts are concerned with harmony in one way or the other. All art forms connect at a profound level, but in my judgement, and experience in the arts, Feng Shui is one of the most complex art forms.

When applied by a professional, Feng Shui is such a powerful method of manipulating the blueprint of the energies in a given space you will feel it work. Artworks, such as paintings and sculptures, can be used as a part of the space for healing and enhancement, however not all artworks can be effective as Feng Shui remedies. This is not only about the intent of the artwork, but also, and more importantly about the perception of the viewer.”

Anna from Zara Interiors is an artist who has studied painting at Sydney College of the Arts (SAC), and interior designer at the Commercial Arts Training College (CATC). Anna has also studied the art of Feng Shui (Form, Compass, and Flying Star Schools) at the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES), she is an expert in all aspects of interior design and decoration, and she’s a professional artist.

Many businesses and homes apply Feng Shui principles to the flow and design of their spaces, the choice, and placement of artworks around your home or business is best done by a professional, like Anna. Blue Thumb has a selection of artworks that you might feel could be suitable for this process, we can advise and help you make the right choice for you. We can even commission artists that can create designs, which will suit your individual needs. Talk to Anna or us about your needs, we can add art and Feng Shui into your world, to help change and improve your life.

by Rob Kennedy

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