Investing in Art: How to Find the Next Collectable Artist

Art has always been a medium of expression, reflection, and investment. While established artists often dominate the spotlight, an entire world of emerging talent is waiting to be discovered. This blog post discusses the steps to finding and investing in emerging artists with special tips from cyber security specialist and avid art collector Nikita Le Messurier.

“I think it’s beautiful to be able to collect an artist’s work over time,” says Nikita, who finds joy in investing in emerging artists and watching them gain recognition in the art world. “It’s beautiful to see their work evolve and be a part of that journey with them.” 

Nikita photographed amongst her personal collection, featuring work from collectable and emerging Australian talent.

Who are Emerging Artists?

Emerging artists are typically early in their careers, with growing recognition, but not yet established in the mainstream art market. So, how do collectors like Nikita go about finding emerging artists? They look for artists with unique perspectives, compelling narratives, and consistent growth in their work. They are considering factors such as artistic skill, innovation, and potential for future success.

Nikita believes that many of today’s collectors emphasise cultivating a connection with emerging artists. A strong advocate for making art accessible, Nikita says, “I think everyone should be able to experience the beauty and the visceral [reaction] you get when you see an incredible piece of artwork. Everyone should have that right. So, I’m a very big fan of platforms that democratise collecting.”

Researching Artistic Trends and Markets

Online platforms like Bluethumb provide a convenient way to explore and invest in emerging artists. It is also a great way to stay informed about current trends and movements in the art world by keeping a pulse on which emerging artists are enjoying a surge in sales.

On Bluethumb, the Just Sold page features work recently snapped up by collectors. It offers excellent insight into the hottest art trends and allows collectors to discover hidden gems and new sensations.

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Building Relationships with Artists

Nikita enjoys attending local art exhibitions, galleries, and events to discover new artists and connect with the art community. “Gallerists play this really important role in being the conduit between the collector and the artist,” she says. “Almost every artist I’ve met has been at a gallery or an art fair.”

Building rapport with artists can provide valuable insights into their creative process and vision and open doors to opportunities for future art collaborations or acquisitions. Nikita says social media, in particular Instagram, is a “window of opportunity for any budding collector who wants to get into the space, understand artists, and get inspired.”

Exhibition openings are an excellent opportunity to meet artists. Follow Bluethumb on Eventbrite to stay up to date with all future events.

Assessing Investment Potential:

While your art-collecting journey may not be as meticulous or data-driven as Nikita’s, take a page from her approach and consider the potential for appreciation over time when making investment decisions.

Look to an artist’s biographies to evaluate their potential for long-term success based on their artistic development and trajectory. These can include indicators of growth and acknowledgment in an artist’s career, including exhibitions, awards, and media attention. Consider the rarity of the artist’s pieces and the market demand for their work.

Nikita’s friends jokingly refer to her art-filled home as “the gallery”, and we can see why!

Supporting Emerging Artists:

“People often look at the art market and collectors who think of art as an investment as maybe a bad thing. I think it’s a really good thing. The more money we can bring into the space, the larger the market, which means more emerging artists can enter the space.” Beyond financial investments, you can support emerging artists by sharing their work with others and attending their exhibitions. 

Shop emerging Australian artists on Bluethumb and support budding creatives on their journey!

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