5 Popular Portraiture Artists You Should Know

Portraits have been an important art form throughout history. A symbol of social status and self-expression, they were once the only method for capturing the look and persona of a human. Continue reading to discover five contemporary portraiture artists currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Plus, check out this week’s curation, Popular Portraiture, for more!

1. Andrew Neilan

Andrew Neilan is a Brisbaine-based contemporary artist who is self-taught and began painting in 2017. His style involves mixing primary colours on solid painted canvases, creating abstract portraits without distinct facial features. Andrew’s intuitive approach results in artworks with a vibrant energy that collectors find irresistible, thanks to his impasto technique.

2. Rebecca James

Warrnambool-based artist Rebecca James has an undeniable compulsion to paint. Once she starts, she finds it difficult to stop. Through her unique talent and perspective, Rebecca invites viewers into a world where everyday moments and the beauty of raw, intense emotions converge seamlessly. Her artworks offer viewers relief from their worries and concerns.

Reclining Woman with Cat by Rebecca James.

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3. Kurt Engledow

Perth-based artist Kurt Engledow explores nostalgia, sexuality, and masculinity through his popular portraits. His paintings blend contemporary cinematic aesthetics with neo-realism, depicting snapshots of everyday life from a bygone golden era. Capturing moments frozen in time, Kurt explores the subtleties of human emotional responses and prompts contemplation. 

On the Dock by Kurt Engledow.

4. Tetyana Khytko

Sydney-based artist Tetyana Khytko weaves intricate narratives of emotion and introspection through her paintings. Born and raised amidst the vibrant culture of Kyiv, Ukraine, Tetyana’s artistic journey began with a childhood fascination with caricatures. Symbolism permeates Tetyana’s art; each element serves as a metaphor for life’s journey, anxieties, and dreams, inviting viewers to decipher the allegories woven into her canvases.

Strictly Confidential by Tetyana Khytko.

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5. Wendy Joyce

Perth-based artist Wendy Joyce captures the ephemeral dance of light and water. Balancing the roles of an artist and a dedicated competitive swimming coach, her unique perspective is enriched by her profound connection with water. Wendy’s fascination with light and its interplay with water is palpable in her masterful compositions.

On the Surface by Wendy Joyce.

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