The Modern Guide to Buying Art Online

There are many ways to record history, your life, your journey. You could keep a journal, write a book, tape it, photograph it, blog it, write music or… collect art. What separates collecting art from all these other methods? The way art makes you feel.

When you collect art you collect moments of happiness, moments of love. Moments that appear out of the blue in a visual manner that in different points of your life will relate to different memories. It’s a collection of emotions, moments of consciousness, creativity and imagination.  Moments of connection you share with another soul- the artists. What makes this unique is, you may not know or ever meet this other soul, but for some reason, you have found their self expression and creativity moving in such a way you fall in love with it.  LOVE is why you should buy art.


Why Buy Contemporary art

What type of art should you collect? Contemporary art is a great place to start. Buy art that you fall in love with from emerging artists. Artists who are living now, feeling now, imagining now. These artists are living in the same world you are, feeling it and expressing it. Where do you find these guys?  Not in the big galleries. That’s a mistake often assumed by many. Galleries only have space for a minuscule amount of all the talented emerging artists, and often cannot afford to pay the fees these galleries charge. Look for them online. A great place to start is our staff picks or curated section.

Research That Art

Whilst you are searching keep in mind there are are few steps to take when choosing what to buy. Firstly you need to define your style. According to Alan Bamberger US author of ‘Buy Art Smart’ you should; ‘Define, select, research, buy.’ So you need to figure out what you like about art. Then make a list of the emerging artists who fit this/stand out. Your favourite artists. 🙂

Next you should research their work and the direction they are going (preferably forward), and the current art market/trends. Then based on all of that…buy the art! Investing in art is investing in yourself. Firstly, as a spiritual investment in knowledge, history and happiness. Secondly, as a monetary investment. The former is most important. The latter should not be expected.

The addition of art works to your home will change the way it looks and feels. Your collection should display your style, and personality. It’s important to buy art that you are drawn to, that speaks to you, and reflects who you are.  There are a few ways you can curate this. You can be completely eclectic; follow themes, and or specific mediums. It’s completely up to you. Follow the direction in which you feel drawn and make sure you LOVE the art you buy.  Think about your the spaces in your home. Make sure you choose the right walls in your home for the right pieces. If the art doesn’t work with it’s surroundings it will not only do the room injustice, but the piece, in doing so the way you see it also.

A Uniform Collection Vs Collecting Whatever the Hell you Want

Your contemporary collection doesn’t need to be a uniformed. If you’d like it to be thats cool, but it’s okay to mix it up. All art you buy doesn’t need to look the same. Don’t allow the different and magic works to pass you by. You might regret letting it slip away. If it’s original, there will never be another the same. ;)

Buying art is an experience in which to take great delight in. Journey into this process of self exploration open minded. Enjoy learning about new forms of art, about yourself, the artists and the world around you. Buy the best quality work you can. You don’t need to complete this collection over night. This should be a life long journey. The collection will evolve as you evolve. Display your collection throughout your home with pride. It’s going to make you and your home feel beautiful, because you bought it from a place of LOVE.

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