Why buy original art?

With so many reproductions so readily available and inexpensive, you’d probably think twice about spending more of you hard earned cash to own original art.

Original art is special. Even in well made prints, the unique qualities of the original are lost. If you see a print of a Van Gogh, for example, it will look pretty. Viewing an original is an overwhelming and emotional experience. You can’t take your eyes off of one. Museums sell prints as souvenirs to help you remember the experience of seeing the real thing, not to replace the original.

Another way of looking at it: Is seeing a travel photo of the Caribbean as good as being there in person to admire the view. It’s exactly the same as art. You buy an original piece for the experience, for the emotional and intellectual pleasure the artwork gives you.

Aqua delight by Jane Welsh
Your favourite piece of art on display… in your bathroom?

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