Project In Review: St Andrew’s Village Ballina

Bluethumb’s Head of Art Advisory and in-house Interior Designer, Alexandra Guglielmino, recently worked with Paynters‘ Interior Design Manager, Kate Tempest, to transform St Andrew’s Village Aged Care facility in Ballina, New South Wales. We spoke with Kate about her experience working with Bluethumb and the overall design outcome. Continue reading to discover the results photographed by Value Imagery, and click the images to shop artists’ featured in this project. 

Waterholes After the Rain by Maria Watson-Trudgett greets residents as they enter the reception area.

The Brief

St Andrew’s Village aimed to refurbish the existing entry and household areas to create a more cohesive and modern welcoming atmosphere. The objective was to make the facility feel less clinical and more like a home, providing the residents with a warm and inviting environment.

Orange Pin Cushion and Anglesea Ocean by Dani Heyward hang in the dining room.

The Process

Well-chosen artwork can significantly impact the ambience of a space, guiding the viewer’s eye and establishing a cohesive design. Kate’s vision for St Andrew’s Village was to introduce diverse art styles and subjects, ensuring that each resident could find something they appreciate and connect with. “From serene beachscapes to vibrant flora and fauna, each piece offers a unique narrative for residents to immerse themselves in,” explains Kate. “This ensures that everyone, including family and staff, can find a piece of art that resonates with them.”

The original oil painting, Pretty in Pink, by Jane Rich, brings the beauty of the outdoors inside and creates the perfect reading nook. Doesn’t it look inviting?

The journey began with selecting key pieces that would set the tone for the entire facility. “I have worked with Bluethumb for many years on various projects,” says Kate. “Every time, I have had an amazing experience. The customer service is great, and the artwork is even better!”

Sand and Stripes by Emily Bowen transports residents to memories of sun-soaked days lounging on the shore, perfectly complementing the Village’s house theme.

“The huge range and affordable prices for unique and original art is amazing.” One standout piece, Aqua Natives by Lucy Carr, was particularly impactful. Its impressive dimensions and intricate details, coupled with rich blues and bright greens, made it an eye-catching addition to the facility.

Aqua Natives by Lucy Car sets the tone of this communal space with its tranquil tones and organic shapes–the perfect statement piece for creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.

The Outcome

The transformation of St Andrew’s Village exceeded expectations. “The outcome was even better than I imagined,” Kate shares. “Creating the concept, we knew what style and colours we wanted, but it wasn’t until the artworks were picked that the concept really came to life. Bespoke pieces truly elevate the space!”

Art tours have become a beloved activity at St Andrew’s Village, with caregivers and nurses leading residents through the facility to admire the new artworks and learn about the artists and stories behind them. These tours provide a wonderful opportunity for residents to engage with the art and each other, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the new environment.

Polaroids From The Beach by Pip Phelps adds a coastal snapshot to the Village’s beauty salon, infusing the space with seaside charm.

Challenges and Solutions

“Selecting and sourcing artworks that seamlessly flow together and narrate a story across the space is always a challenge, regardless of the project,” Kate says. “However, thanks to the diverse range offered by Bluethumb and the talented artists, finding pieces that align with the design brief and harmonize with each has made the process much easier.”

Brushing Up On Life by Janelle White overlooks a private lounge where residents can sit and enjoy the company of friends and family.

After this successful collaboration, Kate and her team plan to incorporate more Bluethumb artworks in future projects. “We have already purchased some more Bluethumb artworks for the next project we are working on,” Kate reveals.

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