Our Top Picks for SALA Festival 2019

As the largest arts festival in the country, the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival makes a mark on every art aficionado’s calendar this side of the globe. Not only is the festival’s well-earned reputation built on the ability to embrace both traditional and new art forms; it reaches out to artists of all levels and media. In fact, SALA goes as far to offer grants and other manners of a helping hand to those artists lesser-known but still gifted. We’ve been long-term supporters of SALA and have brought together our five favourite shows for SALA Festival 2019.

In the Frame: International Stories of Empowerment

Bluethumb photographer Alex Frayne is one of Adelaide’s unsung heroes when it comes to skilled fine art photography. His exhibition in this year’s SALA Festival involves a series of portraits, the subjects of which are members of Adelaide’s international student community. In each portrait, we can see the hopes and dreams, success and struggles of the individual. In turn, Alex provides the viewer with a diverse account of experiences and perspectives, which together forge and enrich a bold and resilient culture.

sala festival top picks

Alex Frayne‘s Portrait of Berti exemplifies the work we can expect to see showcased

Find out more info about the show here or browse Alex’s portfolio.

Touchy Subjects

Who said art isn’t to be touched? As a series of multi-sensory works, Touchy Subjects go beyond this age-old rule and openly invite visitors to experience art through various levels of sensory perception. What’s more, you can take a free guided tour to really make the most of this unorthodox exhibition.
sala festival top picks

See part of the creative process behind artwork in Touchy Subjects by Charlie Taplin and Kurt Bosecke

like cures like

It would be wrong to do anything but tip our hats to the feature artist of the 2019 SALA Festival, Louise Haselton. Louise is one South Australia’s pre-eminent contemporary artists and has firmly established her skill as an artist over the past twenty five years. Working predominantly with sculpture in an intuitive manner, her work offers glimpses of the life of everyday objects and overlooked things. like cures like is a further opportunity to perceive the liveliness and communicative power of inanimate objects as if through the eyes of the artist.

sala festival

This sculpture, End to End, 2018, is one of the most anticipated works of SALA festival and attributes a pivotal moment to Louise’s career

Check out the event on SALA’s website here.

In Love

Existence, passion and the nature of being are all commonplace themes within renowned visual artist Hossein Valamanesh’s work. Hossein’s poetic practice is celebrated and fully optimised in this year’s entry to SALA Festival, In Love. Featuring a large-scale sculptural installation, In Love has been praised as an “unmissable” labyrinth that takes the viewer on a meditative rail journey bursting with colour, rhythm, and above all, sentiment.

sala festival

Passing, 2014 – Hossein’s 2-channel video projection that plays a vital role in the experience of In Love

Honor Freeman: Ghost Objects

Ghost by name, ghost by nature – Honor Freeman has crafted this collection primarily through porcelain in order to mimic original objects associated with ritual, mourning and loss. In this collaboration with Guildhouse and the Art Gallery of South Australia, real and imagined residual stories from the AGSA collection are told and retold through Honor’s ghost objects.

Midden (all that glitters), 2018 shows the stylistic ghost objects held in the exhibition

For many, SALA Festival is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the creativity across this beautiful part of Australia – and sure enough, the list of events seems endless. Feel inspired enough to bring some SA art into your home, or can’t make the festival this time round? Browse our curation of some of Bluethumb’s best artists residing in South Australia here.


portia geach winner sally robinson
Bluethumb Artist Sally Robinson Wins Portia Geach Second Time

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