Wallmatter: Artist Jenny Davis Explores Neglected Spaces

The work of bluethumb artist, Jenny Davis, is a style which is exploratory and experimental. With an enviable resume, this Yarra Valley based artist is on a constant mission to uncover evidence of times past. “I spend a lot of time photographing and taking videos of abandoned and neglected spaces. I’m attracted to the hidden and unseen traces, left behind in the environment” explains Jenny.

main_crut-1-jenny-davis-bluethumb-artAbstract painting at Wallmatter: Crut 1 by Jenny Davis

Her newest exhibition, Wallmatter, consists of abstract and sculptured art and is a reflection of her findings and the idea of “highlighting imperfect marks and weathered surfaces” particularly from her time in Paris. Jenny describes her creative process as very intuitive and spontaneous, where she sometimes sees connections to her experiences and environments within a completed piece. It is Jenny’s love of history, collecting, antiques and the story behind each piece that drives her curious mind.

Jenny%20Davis_Wallmatter%20Exhibition_2016%2016sSculpture at Wallmatter by Jenny Davies

Jenny’s paintings boast a range of 5-20 layers of materials, in an effort to reveal pieces of abandoned, underground and derelict spaces, vacant industrial sites, old walls and graffiti. The layers and range of materials she uses in her abstract paintings give an individual surface quality that Jenny is passionate about creating. The Japanese Zen philosophy and aesthetic of Wabi-sabi comes into play in all her artwork, and celebrates the beauty of the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

Jenny%20Davis_Wallmatter%20Exhibition_2016%206sGallery view of Wallmatter at The Memo

Wallmatter is on show at The Memo in Healesville, VIC, until 16th August. “I fell in love with the space,” says Jenny of The Memo. “The curator of the exhibition, Jade Bitar, and her assistants did an amazing job installing each piece carefully, creating the atmosphere I wanted my audience to experience. Also, after years of having exhibitions here [in Australia] and overseas, I wanted to share my work and ideas with my local community.”

Wallmatter by Jenny Davis
Venue: The Memo, Healesville
Exhibition: Fri 8th July – Tue 16th August

Browse Jenny’s paintings for sale on bluethumb.

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