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10 Cute & Creative Date Ideas for All Kinds of Loved Ones

Coffee catch ups, sunset strolls and candlelit dinners sure score high in sweetness. Originality? Not so much. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for those creative date ideas to keep things super enjoyable.

Dates don’t have to be a romantic endeavour. Whether you’re taking your mum out for some quality time, investing in a new friendship or looking to impress a crush, we’re confident you’ll spark a connection in no time.

1. Hit Up an Art Gallery

What else would you expect us to say as our number one choice for a date? Affordable and full of conversational fodder, art galleries are our go-to of creative date ideas. Thursdays are traditionally a promising evening for exhibition openings, which can also break up the work week nicely!

Finally – a date for all the family! Luciana Wallace and her beautiful family at our recent Feeling Colours exhibition launch.

2. Sip & Paint

It’s a beautiful moment when two of life’s pleasures collide. Sip and paint celebrates the art of wine with the art of… well, art. Also known as Cork & Canvas and simply ‘drunk painting’ it’s easy to see why these events have taken off. Whether we’re channelling a Dutch master or a 6-year old’s artistic talents, what better way to commemorate a creative date than taking home an artwork?

3. Have a Spa Day

Besides the impressive amount of research that shows the long list of benefits of spas, we fully encourage unwinding from the working week and giving a little love to yourself. Sharing that experience with a special someone in your life creates a space to connect, while nourishing yourselves silly.

Healthy hedonism? Yes please. Sense of Self in Collingwood, Melbourne is a Roman-style bathhouse and spa perfect for friends and lovers alike. Credit: Broadsheet

4. Get Out & About

Getting into Australia’s flora and fauna always has its merits. Whether it’s a hike, a bush walk a just a simple city trail wander, the great outdoors brings out a fresher version of ourselves. Why not bring that energy into your date? We’d recommend brushing up on the wildlife of a particular area and sharing this info with your date when you hit a lull in the conversation!

5. Make Pasta

If lockdown taught us one thing, it’s that date nights in are a vibe of their own. Crack open a bottle of red, play some Dean Martin in the background and prepare to make a flour-filled mess.

We might have been a little inspired by Gillie and Marc’s print, They ate pasta whenever and wherever they could

6. Take a Pottery Class

Who hasn’t wanted to re-create that Swayze and Moore moment from Ghost? Now’s your chance. Pottery classes are a fun-filled way of getting down and dirty with a friend, a loved one or a Tinder date.

7. Head to a Drive-In

A retro take on a very popular date idea, drive-in cinemas are the more unusual, cheaper and more personal alternative to your everyday cinema chain. These spots are often pet-friendly which can level up the cuteness. Pack some blankets, grab a pizza and enjoy!

In the Covid era of lockdowns and restrictions, drive-in cinemas really came into their own. Credit: Broadsheet

8. Get a Tarot Reading

Let’s be honest – we wouldn’t want to be wasting our time now, would we? Whether you’re a believer of the Tarot or skeptic, a card reading is fun activity to do on dates of all kinds. It crafts excellent material for chats after the reading as you share what was said with your date.

9. Go to a Yoga Class

We’re big fans of zen vibes all day everyday, but dates are a prime opportunity to get into some downward dogs! Yoga is all about fostering connection, so taking your friend, a family member or a partner to the mat allows your date to feel into that connection further. It’s a perfect choice for those of us who would rather do a morning date. Finish it with a turmeric latte for a good old debrief after!

Australia’s cities are spoilt for choice for yoga studios! Featured here is Good Vibes, which is just a stone’s throw from our Collingwood gallery.

10. Take a Photography Walking Tour

For the next special day with your significant other, get your camera or smartphone and head on a photo walk! This activity can be planned loosely, or it can move spontaneously – either way, it’s sure to be a lot of fun with plenty of photos to remember the day!

We’re always inspired to hit the road, camera in hand, when we see Alex Frayne’s photography. Featured: Walk with Umbrella

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