10 Ways to Spread a Little Love in Lockdown

Around half of Australia’s population is currently in lockdown – a harrowing statistic that displays a challenging time for millions of people right now. Last week marked 200 days of lockdowns for Melbourne, commemorating far too many days of disconnection, and yet a strange sense of solidarity. It’s an important time to check in on your friends, with your family and, of course, with yourself. Here are ten of the team’s tips on spreading a little love in lockdown.

These ideas need not be exclusive just to those directly affected by lockdown – in one way or another, these lockdowns affect us all, so check in with someone you know is having a hard time; a little goes a long way these days!

If you’re feeling this right now, we’re here to tell you we feel it too. Featured: Woman with Glass of Wine by Mark Ewenson

1. Write Letters

How good is getting mail that isn’t your water bill or junk? Close Netflix, grab a pen and get writing. Telling your friends about the shows you’re devouring, how much you miss them, or musing over all the things you’ll do once you see them again are all prime content ideas for your letter. It’s a perfect opportunity to get in touch with familiars afar or closer to home.

2. It’s not Procrastinating; It’s Pro-caffeinating

Virtual coffee meet-ups have been a saviour for our Melbourne team! Perhaps you’re currently working from home and are missing the buzz of the office; get your cup of caffeine ready and have a hang with your favourite colleagues. We recommend making it official by scheduling a fifteen minute break in your work calendar. You’d be surprised how much these little check-ins can give you an energy boost! For an extra shot of light-hearted swordplay, our Melbourne team are partial to flexing their knowledge of terrible coffee puns as titles to the all-important breaks.

Monstera with Coffee: A classic Melbourne narrative! Regular coffee catch-ups have literally fuelled the team’s motivation in Melbourne.

3. Know Thy Neighbour

Day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping become stressful events during times like these for many of us. If you know your neighbour to be elderly, pregnant, a new mamma or perhaps just having a really hard time getting these daily tasks ticked, reach out! Give them a call or put a note in their letterbox. If you don’t know them, what better way to get off on the right foot than offering a simple act of service?

4. Send Your Favourites a Care Package

Looking to fill up some of that spare time? Pull out the big guns with a care package to your nearest and dearest! You know your friends better than we do, so get creative. Whether it’s a tasty treat, a practical gift, a beautiful keepsake or just a silly something, you’re sure to put a smile on their face whatever you go with. Our team still remember some of the hand-made trinkets or home-baked goods they’d unexpectedly received last year, which just goes to show that even the smallest of gestures stay with us.

5. Takeouts for Everyone

We’ll be the first to admit that UberEats has become our new best friend. Cooking can feel like effort and we all need to support local businesses right now! Why not surprise a friend with a takeout or simple snack delivered to their door? The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, after all!

6. Keep Some Old Comforts

The familiarity of the characters in our favourite stories is an easy cure for uncertain times. Psychologists agree that in the face of anxiety, returning to the series, movies and books we engaged with in easier times of life likewise returns us back to a state of ease. Harry Potter marathon, anyone?

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Research suggests time spent reading has more than doubled during the pandemic.

7. Take a Walk

Exercise your right to one whole hour of exercise! A bit of nature works wonders, and a walk is the perfect solo activity for some fresh air and some screen-free time. Consider calling up a friend on your walk and checking in on them, or arranging a socially-distanced meander IRL. Don’t forget to support your local coffee shops!

While many of us may be city-bound, enjoy the small bites of nature around your neighbourhood where possible. Featured: Beginnings by Melissa Kenihan

8. Make Your Morning a Ritual

When there’s nothing to get you out of the house, it can be hard to even get out of bed. The temptation to stay under the covers for another hour or two in the morning is good to indulge in every once in a while, but the slope is a slippery one. Adhering to a consistent routine to start your day offers structure to it. No one said these routines have to be monotonous – perhaps you can dedicate an hour of your morning to movement, which allows you to decide on that day what that movement looks like! What’s more, whilst the world feels topsy-turvy and a bit much to take in, consider setting your day up with 20 minutes of meditation to keep a level head when the going gets tough.

9. Embrace an Evening Routine

Just like our morning routines, a consistent and luxurious sleep routine is a non-negotiable part of showing ourselves some love in lockdown. To wind down for a decent sleep, treat yourself to a sleepy tea, read a few pages of a book of your choice before drifting off into a peaceful slumber. Sleep is super important for a healthy immune system (crucial for obvious reasons!), but it’s also one of our most basic mood-enhancers. During lockdowns, give yourself a few extra zzz’s for better brain function and mental health.

10. Be Good to Yourself

There may be days when you don’t feel like doing any of these things – and that’s totally okay. Showing yourself compassion comes at the forefront of everything else in these times. You can’t pour from an empty cup, after all!

Asking yourself simple questions such as, “What do I need in this moment?” and “What would make me feel good right now?” strips away the overwhelming complexities of decision-making and can bring us back to centre.

Why not let us know your favourite tips and tricks for sharing love in lockdown in the comments below? If you’re having a hard time with the pandemic and restrictions, you can check out our guest post from ReachOut on taking care of yourself during Coronavirus here.

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  1. Margaret Connell says:

    Thank you for those great ideas I am elderly with health problems so have been more or less in isolation since last year This year I have found gardening in the morning and painting for a few hours most afternoon Have really helped me cope Hope everyone keeps safe and remains well

  2. Deborah Webb says:

    Another idea make your Xmas cake and pudding now. Even if we’re still in lockdown by then they’ll both keep in the fridge for another 12 months and can be refreshed with a couple of sloshes of brandy poured over them

  3. Jan Naylor says:

    Follow the current regulations and be creative. Try new things. And of course: buy art!

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