Using the Bluethumb AR function

Let there be art! Bluethumb’s new augmented reality technology

Buying art online is now a whole lot easier. Bluethumb has developed a technology that allows you to pick an artwork from its site and visualise it on your wall, perfectly to scale. 

Bluethumb is happy to present its Augmented Reality (AR) technology, made specifically for the iPhone and native Apple browser, Safari.

What is AR you might ask? According to Gartner, “Augmented reality (AR) is the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio and other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects.”

Committing to buying art online can be difficult. After all, art is visual as well as physical. The aim is to take the art that you love and then bring it into your home. Appreciating art is one thing; having it work in your house is another.

This AR technology bridges that together. Using it, you can see whether the artwork will work in your home, and even along with your other artworks. After all, art is better in real life.

Using the function is easy. Simply go to the artwork you want to see on your wall. For example, go to The Afternoon by Deniz Yildirim and find the ‘Wall View’ button.

The "Wall View" Can Be Seen On The Artwork Page.

The “Wall View” Can Be Seen On The Artwork Page.

It may be easy to use now, however, the team has worked very hard to get it working. “It’s a technology that Bluethumb has wanted to develop for years, We’re so excited to launch Bluethumb augmented reality view for iPhone.” Says Co-founder George Hartley.

“It’s been on our wishlist to build since 2017, so lucky we’re patient. Now you can see any Bluethumb artwork in your own space on the screen in AR and save the images, to help find the perfect work for your home.”

It’s not a bad development for a company that was originally told that they never would have been able to sell art online. 

Free Shipping, Free 7-Day Returns, and now a full visualisation of how art can look. Now, there are no regrets about getting an artwork you love. Particularly when the artwork you’re after is generally one of a kind.

Now, give it a go.

Watch our walkthrough on how to use this new technology here:

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