#100DaysOfArtists – Our Instagram Australian art showcase

Recently on our Instagram we’ve been doing #100DaysOfArtists. Each day, for 100 days, we share one contemporary Australian artist. It doesn’t matter if they sell on our site or not. Our aim is to promote and showcase Aussie creativity at its best. We’ve looked at thousands of artists so every artist we’ve shared we believe is one of the best currently creating art in Australia. There are all styles and mediums as well as established artists alongside relative newcomers to the scene with everything in between. The only thing they have in common is incredible talent and geography.

We have 20 days left, which means we have 20 more artists to share. If you know a talented artist that we haven’t featured, follow us on Instagram (if you haven’t already) and hashtag a picture of their work with #100DaysOfArtists and tag @bluethumbart to help them get noticed. The hardest thing about being an artist is getting your work out there and that’s what bluethumb is all about. Check out our Instagram to see the 80 artists featured so far.

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