Art Table will Help Keep Australian Children Safe

This American White Oak coffee table with laser artwork, finished in a natural hardwax oil, is the brainchild of Tanya Pink and Cameron Hird. The table reminds you of mid-century design; sleek and understated.

Louise-5Louise’s Table; sleek and modern design

The table, however, has a double take. From a distance, it is simply a coffee table, but as you move closer, we see Louise etched clearly on the undulating surface. You can see the different subtleties as you move around the table, bringing Louise alive.

Louise Comes to LifeLouise etched on the table

The collaboration is part of our initiative Created With Care, combining the artistic talents of artists from Bluethumb and furniture makers from Handkrafted, to create one-of-a-kind creations that are being auctioned online for charities the collaborators care about.

Louise in GreenTanya Pink’s original creation; Louise in Green

Both artisans were on top of their craft right from the start of the project. It made working with each other easy. Cameron’s artistic value was in the results-focused nature of the detail. “The only challenge we had was how my artwork could enhance his already beautiful furniture,” says Tanya.

Tanya PinkBluethumb Artist Tanya Pink

Integration of crafts is a matter of deliberate artistic compromise. More often than not, however, the end result is rewarding and exceeds expectation. “We went down a few avenues before arriving where we did,” admits Cameron.

Luke at his studioCameron working in his studio

Tanya and Cameron nominated Bravehearts to donate the proceeds from the auction of Louise’s Table. Bravehearts is Australia’s leading charitable organisation actively working to prevent child sexual assault in our society. It has changed the way Australians talk about sexual assault, bringing it out of the shadows, creating a safe space and convicting predators.

Join-the-dots-Website-Banner-V3Braveheart’s current Join the Dots campaign helping teens keep their cyberspace safe

“History has shown that art, in all forms, has the power to change social conscience,” says Zoe, a spokesperson from Bravehearts.

$400, the current bid at time of publishing, is enough to cover the costs of delivering their personal safety program (Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show) to a whole class of school kids. Alternatively, it can support two counselling sessions for a child victim of sexual assault, or it can cover the costs of 5 hours of responding to crisis phone calls from Bravehearts support line. “The list is quite extensive, 400 dollars can help a lot,” explains Zoe.

The organisation felt that it was great to see local artists supporting local charities and they are grateful to both Cameron and Tanya for their selfless contribution to a worthy cause.

Collage_LouiseLouise’s Table

The charity resonated with Cameron as he is a father of 4. Tanya is thankful to the organisation for bringing forward a shameful, taboo subject and their efforts to help the most vulnerable and precious members of the community. “It breaks my heart to think of the absolute damage sexual assault does, not only physically, but mentally on these little ones,” says Tanya.

The duo hope that their small contribution helps Bravehearts continue the amazing work they do, as they have nothing but admiration for it.

Bid now on Louise’s Table and the other collaborations at Created With Care.

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