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Broadcast on Nine Network for 19 seasons, the popular home renovation TV show The Block follows five couples competing against each other as they renovate houses to sell them at auction for the highest price. Many Bluethumb artists have been featured in the show over the years, with their artworks chosen and styled by competitors in their renovated homes. The artists below feature specifically in The Block 2023 episodes.

Michelle Keighley

Gold Coast artist Michelle Keighley is one of Bluethumb’s Established Sellers. Her impasto paintings capture the beauty of vast skies and rolling mountains. The simplicity of her colour choices and her minimal compositions imbue her work with a peacefulness and tranquillity that perfectly matches the Australian countryside’s quiet atmosphere. Michelle’s work was also featured in The Block 2021.

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Kylie Daniel

Kylie Daniel is an artist from the Gold Coast who specialises in medium to large-scale mixed-media abstract landscapes. Her artworks capture the everyday Australian landscape in an emotive and textured manner. “I love to showcase the grittier, the more raw aspect of the Australian landscape. The substrate of the terrain,” says Kylie. Her artwork was featured in  Steph & Gian’s award-winning master bedroom in The Block 2023.

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Martin Breeze

Martin Breeze is an abstract artist based in Melbourne. His artworks are bold and energetic, free from rules and boundaries. Martin has a background as a musician, and the influence of music is present in his art, which depicts movement and melodic flow. Martin works intuitively, saying, “My artwork is not for everyone. I paint primarily for myself, and I feel this gives it its authenticity. I do something that makes me smile at this moment.”

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Dominique Gauci

Dominique Gauci is a photographer and digital illustrator from Melbourne. Her portfolio features travel-focused photography and geometric prints to suit various design goals and interior spaces. Whether you seek vibrant and playful art or minimalistic and monochromatic, Dominique’s portfolio boasts a range that will put the finishing touch on your interiors. Her artwork was featured in  Leah & Ash’s home in The Block 2023.

Angela Roskell

Angela Roskell is another of Bluethumb’s Established Sellers based on the Gold Coast. She creates free-flowing acrylic abstracts inspired by Australia’s wonderfully diverse landscapes. Angela harnesses rich earth-toned colours and artfully controlled paint flow to create a calm and fluid feel in her large-scale artworks. Her artwork varies from soft and calming to vibrant and energetic, depending on the colours and flow of the paint. 

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Rebecca Lam (lamwingsze)

Rebecca Lam is an abstract artist based in Brisbane. She enjoys using lines as the central theme of all her pieces; she explains, “What’s beautiful should not be complicated, sometimes the simplest beauty is nothing but a fresh palette and simple lines.” Rebecca’s work may be simplistic, but she believes that doing so invites the viewer to look a little closer, fostering personal connections and interpretations without influence. Rebecca’s work was featured in Kyle & Leslie’s master bedroom.

Micheal Wolfe

Michael Wolfe is a Castlemaine local who has been creating art in various forms his entire life. Nature surrounding his homeland is his biggest inspiration, his artworks featuring earthy colours and strong lines. Success has resulted in him achieving Collectable status at Bluethumb, with his paintings resulting in multiple prize finalists and solo exhibitions.

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