Bluethumb in cookie dough

One logo, three different ways: 28 Days of Fiverr days 4-6

28 Days of Fiverr in February is all about how much fun we can have with five bucks. Every day in February, we have someone on Fiverr make us up a piece of Bluethumb material for just $5. You can find our daily review of each gig on the 28 Days of Fiverr blog.

After the total downer that was day 3 of 28 Days of Fiverr (we’re still recovering from that awful logo) on day 5 we hit the highlight of our Fiverr adventures so far, these awesome stickers. When we spotted this gig the nine-year-old in us did a little jump for joy. And really, what business doesn’t need stickers with their logo on it? For five bucks it’s worth a crack.

Bluethumb custom stickers

The best 28 Days of Fiverr gig so far: these awesome stickers.

I reckon they’re almost as great those oilies stickers that were all the rage during the 1980s and 1990s. They definitely look like they’re worth more than $5 for 10.

Vintage Oilies stickers

Remember these stickers? Weren’t they the best…

We’ve also had our logo speed drawn, in which the computer animation was disappointingly obvious, and we had Bluethumb cut into cookie dough – which again, was a little early-1990s CGI, and not in the best way. We’ve called it the Terminator 2 of Fiverr gigs.

Bluethumb in cookie dough

It’s a little CGI-esque, but not bad.

Can you tell we’re having fun? Keep checking the 28 Days of Fiverr blog for daily updates and reviews, and let us know in the comments if you have any grand ideas or suggestions for our next Fiverr gig…

Getting into the good stuff: 28 Days of Fiverr

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