Tweet Tweet. 7 ways to tweet your way to a larger audience.

*tweet tweet*…… Twitter is a phenomenon, a social networking site that challenges its users to communicate in small bursts of 140 characters or less which are called ‘Tweets’. Twitter calls itself a “real-time information network” as people tweet from mobile devices at disaster sites, give opinions at concerts or share random ideas as they occur. Many breaking stories worldwide are first reported via tweets from people that happen to be there.

But tweets are not just text they can contain links to videos, galleries, photos and your own personal website. You can follow, be followed and re-tweet it’s the art of less to tell the whole story, or enough so that people want to read more. Also, unlike Facey all users will see your tweet. Twitter does not filter posts.

People tweet from mobiles, blogs, and really anywhere that can connect to the Internet and with over 100 million users Twitter is the perfect platform to promote your artwork and gather some exposure. The more that you know about Twitter the more successful you can be.

Why use Twitter to promote your Art

Twitter is not just about sending out messages it is about connecting with people and forming relationships. Statistics suggest that if you just send out promotional blasts constantly without doing the work to create those relationships people will just turn off and you will end up talking to nobody.

When you tweet, engage with a follower or re-tweet a message you have the potential to gain attention. People will see you and your art and be encouraged to find out more on your website. Search engines are now geared to find real time tweets and the potential for exposure for you, as an artist is limitless.

Getting started on Twitter

If you already have a personal account don’t use it for your artwork create a new one, to promote your art you just want to talk about your art and art related subjects, this is key to your success. Put some thought into the your username and make it relevant to who you are as an artist and your work. Before you sign up do some searches at to see how others are representing themselves.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Art

1. #Hashtagging:

As described in our previous blog about Instagram #Hashtagging is very important. NEVER skip #hashtags. Not only are the key to being found, but they also categorise your tweets and are a great way of being found/reach people in your niche. For example: you tweet about progress of your most recent work (#wip.. work in progress). Twitter does not know what this is. You need to communicate what’s in the photo so it can tell others. Some good tags in this case are: #art #fineart #wip #paint #bluethumbart #painting #instaart. Also, it’s a good idea to # events. For example, you have an exhibition coming up. Ideally you want those who visit to tweet about it, and tag it, and have everyone use the same tag, so other will know where to go to read all about it! Example: #bluethumbexhibition.

Above is an example from Interior Designer Elenberg Fraser's account. This is how to hashtag. Don't over do it!

Above is an example from Interior Designer Elenberg Fraser’s account. This is how to hashtag. Don’t over do it!

2. Connect- Twitter Chats:

Start conversations with people on Twitter, people want real connections, commenting on other tweets helps people to get to know you. Talk about your interests in art and post references to people that inspire you, over time you can share your expert knowledge. Start Twitter chats with other users on topics of mutual interest. Create a chat of your own by starting of with a hash tag such as: #digitalorprint. The key is to start a conversation that creates interest and brings people in. If you do this, make sure it ends at a certain time, an hour is sufficient. Leave them wanting more. You should also join other chats, it’s another way of gaining exposure and a following. If you ask people questions that can respond and this is a great way to start a conversation with your followers.

3. Follow:

Use Twitter to network. Search for people that you are interested in following. Other artists, art commentators, people that are connected to art or are interested in art. The more people you follow the wider your potential market. Build relationships with those you follow through conversation. Twitter will allow you to converse with others on a different level and build more meaningful relationships with other businesses.

4. Your Artwork:

Share about your work, post images of your latest work in progress, your feelings about it and even the inspiration, be descriptive. Tell people if you have a showing at an art gallery and if you have some work on special that they may want to purchase at a great price.

Above is a good example of how Artists Loui Jover promotes his work.

Above is a good example of how Artists Loui Jover promotes his work.

5. Show yourself:

Before you start tweeting think about the tone that you would like to establish for your tweets. Should it be formal, casual, joking – this is really up to you but remember you want to attract followers not scare them away. But overall you need to be personal, share yourself and insert the uniqueness that is you into your tweets. Share links to your blog, stories, interviews, art, art that inspires you, news and anything that can give your followers insight into who you are. It’s also a good idea to share and promote other artists. Be genuine. They are likely to return the favour.

An example of how bluethumb shares other artists work as inspiration.

An example of how bluethumb shares other artists work as inspiration.

6. Re-tweet, be consistent, and HAVE FUN:

When you don’t have any announcements, new work or other relevant things to talk about you can re-tweet followers announcements or subjects that are relevant to their work. Tweet regularly and consistently; don’t leave large gaps where you don’t say anything. Set aside some time everyday to tweet. Don’t forget to have some fun with it! It is serious business promoting your work but people respond differently if you are enjoying what you are doing rather than just seeing it as a chore.

An example of how bluethumb has retweeted an artists post.

An example of how bluethumb has retweeted an artists post.

7. Twitter Ad’s:

Twitter Ad’s cost money. For those of you who would like to spend a little, there are 2 ways to do this. Upgrade to a promoted account and promote your tweets. A promoted accounts goal is the recruit as many relevant followers to your account as possible. When it comes to promoting your tweets, Twitter will make your tweets appear more places and directly along side non-paid tweets. You can choose specific tweets to re-appear in your timeline and you can change these anytime. Twitter can also 5 of your most engaging tweets and repost them. Twitter Ad’s are not essential but can help if you can afford it.

How other artists are using Twitter to promote their Art

To show you what we mean we have added some links to artists that are currently using Twitter to gain recognition for their artwork. Have a look at what these talented people are doing and wander around Twitter to see what other artists saying before you get started.!/wildu!/alisonjardine!/RubiesAreBlue!/JuliaForsythArt – !/DirtyFootprints


How to be Pintresting and Pinspire others.

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