What we learned from our pop up galleries

Friday was our last pop up gallery, in Leigh St, Adelaide CBD. There was a fantastic turn out of folk interested in checking out the art, and generally having a good time hanging in the lane. The whole pop up experience was a great learning one for us, and here’s a 2 minute ‘making of’ video.

Here are a few take outs we learned from the whole pop up adventure:

Selling art IRL (in real life) is difficult

Photos Dan Glasgow

We had some of our leading bluethumb artists’ best work on display, including 2007 Waterhouse Prize Winner John Graham and 2012 National Campus Art Prize Winner Michael Carney. Yet we sold no works at any of the pop ups! Meanwhile we sold a lot over the weekend online! It has given us even more respect for the difficulties faced by galleries. It also leads onto our next learning…


Exhibiting and Selling art online is fantastic. 

Obviously, that’s why we exist! But it has reinforced that having a great online presence, with great tools to exhibit and sell artwork really is so important for artists. So we’re going to continue to improve our site to make it the best place in the world for our artists to exhibit their work.

Adelaide really embraces the arts

Splash Adelaide and Creating a Vibrant City were so eager to help us get these pop-up galleries off the ground, it was inspiring. Their work to encourage interesting arts events is obviously paying off, as evidenced by the huge the crowd of cool peeps who turned up on Friday afternoon to browse art amongst the Hills Hoists.


Thanks to everyone who came out and our artists who got involved! We had a top time, and are super excited about doing it again next summer.

Artist Talk – Pop Artist Alex Palombi

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