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Portrait painting: "The Road I have Traveled" 60 cm x 60 cm without frame. 67 cm x 67 cm with frame. Timber frame 3.5 cm.


I have used the image of an African woman called Agnes (who was a cleaner at my University in South Africa) to reflect upon women who face extreme hardships in their daily lives. Surviving on a pittance, having to travel great distances to get to work, raising families and dealing with harsh social and political conflicts. I would like to give those from war ton countries and those who overcome abuse some reflection for their courage.

I am born and raised in Africa I have had the privilege of knowing and learning from some of these women.

Once you peel away the glitz, glamour and superficial veneers of some of the more "advantaged" you are left with raw reality. These women show the strength of the human spirit and the essence of harsh truths.

This painting is one of my earlier works and I am currently having a temporary studio clearance / SALE of my remaining earlier works.

There are some minor scratches on the frame. The frame can easily be replaced though because it is not glued or directly fixed to the painting.

The price of the painting has been discounted accordingly.

Instagram handle: bonny_hut_visionary_art


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