People like to say that "they were born that way",
& I am pretty sure that I was born a messy artist.
When I was little I was full mischief, I loved to watch insects & make mud pies and most of all be a grub.
Not much has changed, except that now I don't make my pies with mud.
& one of the things that I really love about being an artist is that feeling of being free, on one level it's the same feeling as being that 5 yo in the garden staring at ants with your feet covered in mud. The other side though to painting, from the start to the half way mark, is often like pushing mud up hill.
& though it's stressful, I love this part too.

My work is full of empathy, & it's structured around the many things in this world that make me feel sad. Why I paint this I can't really describe, it's just a part of my make up. I like to romaticise the sadness.
& personally, I see my girls as quirky, real yet unreal, and full of the thoughts that swim around in my head.

Technically, over the years I have played with different mediums.
When I picked up painting again in my early twenty's I started with oils, then following the suggestion from a friend, I moved onto watercolours.
Watercolours proved as a breakthrough in my work, and this is when my series of girls really began. From watercolour I moved back into acrylic so that I could paint on a large scale and in a quick succession.
The black outlining often used in comic books and stained glass has always been something that I am drawn to. I use black outlining to enforce the general mood and undertone of my paintings, along with creating movement and direction.
Fish,stars, a few numbers and circles often appear along with my girls, and these symbols are how I tie my own meaning into the painting. They are my way of reminding myself, who or what I was painting about, & are a little along the lines of the spooky and quirky subconcious left of field.

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2015 Wonderland by the Sea, Caloundra Fringe Festival, QLD
2015 Viva La Femme, Lust for Life Gallery, Fortitude Valley QLD
2015 Featured Artist, Cultivate Design Co, Wynnum QLD
2014 Ephemera, Lust for Life Gallery, Fortitude Valley QLD
2013 World Artist Network Opening, Connecticut USA
2012 Underway is the Only Way, Gold Coast QLD
2012 L’amour De La Femme, Lust for Life Gallery, Fortitude Valley QLD
2012 Viva La Femme, Lust for Life Gallery, Fortitude Valley QLD
2011 Hearts of Gold [7], Bleeding Heart Gallery Brisbane QLD
2011 Mixed Exhibition, Traffic Jam Galleries Sydney NSW
2011 Flood Art Auction, Jugglers Art Space Brisbane QLD
2011 Hillsdon Art Show, Hillsdon Art Galllery Brisbane QLD
2011 She Carries the Threads of Her Hair, Logan Art Gallery QLD
2010 The Painted Girl Solo Exhibition – Inspire Gallery Bar, West End QLD
2010 Deck the Walls, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane QLD
2010 Petits Travaux, Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay, NSW
2010 Big Art Auction, Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane QLD
2010 Hair-jacked, Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay, NSW
2010 Support the Fort #2 Art Auction, The Fort, Brisbane QLD
2010 Artists of Inspire – Inspire GalleryBar, West End, QLD
2009 Fringeblac – Fringebar, Fortitude Valley QLD
2009 Artworkers Awards – Metro Arts, Brisbane QLD
2009 January the Exhibition – Joshua Levi Gallery QLD
2008 2High Festival – The Powerhouse, Brisbane QLD
2008 BARI Festival – KILN Gallery, Paddington QLD
2008 Eumundi Arts Spectacular – Eumundi QLD
2007 2High Festival – The Powerhouse, Brisbane QLD


2015 Brisbane News Feature, Viva La Femme Exhibition

2015 Sunday Mail Feature, Viva La Femme Exhibition

2011 Avant Card Featured Artist

2011 Australian Art Collector Inclusion - Issue # 57

2010 Curvy 7 Book – Selected Artist

2010 ABC Arts – Artpost Featured Artist

2009 Myspace Australia – Arts and Culture Featured Artist

76cm (W) x 122cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
60cm (W) x 90cm (H)
Mixed Media