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Oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

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‘Boondabarra- The Wise Platypus!’
Only the second layer on page noting!

First Story Draft Plan based on this Artwork!

Love and Light! Please enjoy! ❤️🦋❤️

Dreaming Legend Expanded

Amid the Dreaming an inquistive platypus called Boondabarra lived by himself. He lived in a dark burrow on the muddy banks of the Wyong River on the Central Coast in New South Wales.

Boondabarra was proud to be a Duck-billed Platypus. He attended daily The Entrance Mammal School and was in a class of Monotremes. His class were distinguished from all other mammals at the school because they lay eggs.

He even had his own name on his desk that was just for him. His name tag said ‘Ornithorhynchus Anatinus’. He couldnt pronounce it. Boondabarra tried many times but he would always mix it up.

His best friend was an Australian Magpie called Kevin. Boondabarra called him by his nickname Kev as did everyone in town.

He thought he was born in New Zealand. He was a little confused as he was black and white and thought he couldn't fly. He would walk around all day looking for worms saying “Gday bro”.

Boondabarra the platypus preferred to be quiet during the day minding his own business. He liked to be alone and did not like it when he was disturbed.

Boondabarra was particular and he kept to himself especially after school. He would go home, kick off his shoes and play his hip hop and rock music. He liked to party by himself as that made him happy.


One day, an elegant Emu named Esme came to knock at Boondabarra's burrow. She had a question to ask. Boondabarra did not answer. He was busy listening to his loud hip hop and rock music and was dancing in the kitchen.

He decided to cook himself some fish in the frypan. He grabbed the frypan and started

banging …….

and clanging …………

and smashing………….

and crashing………………………….

all the while.

Esme the Emu kept knocking and knocking. She started to get annoyed. She noticed that Boondabarra could not hear her as she could see his dancing out the corner of her eye.

Esme in her frustration looked over towards the river.

Across the way through the River Red Gumtrees Roger the Red Kangaroo was chilling under a Wattle Tree. He was having a lazy day waiting for the sun to set. He saw Esme and smiled with his eyes half closed as he was ready to go to sleep.

Esme decided to scurry quickly over to Roger the Red Kangaroo to ask him if he knew what Bonndabarra was doing. She didnt understand why he was ignoring her even though he was dancing.

Roger looked at Esme and rolled his eyes. He said in his deep Australian manner 'Esme, Esme Esme. Boondabarra likes his privacy and you know that………….. Why are you asking me?" and laughed.

Constable Connie Cockatoo was checking the local area as she did everyday. She would fly around making sure everyone was following the rules.

Connie had noticed Esme the Emu and Roger the Red Kangaroo talking together by the river. Her curiousity got the better of her and flew down to check on them.

“Good Morning my friends! What seems so interesting today?” as she softly landed on a gum tree branch. Esme looked at her ready to speak and muttered “CCC” but Roger rolled his eyes again.

Esme shrugged in a sigh of frustration and went quickly back to Boondabarra's burrow. This time she knocked louder.

'Bang, bang, bang' went the log at the front door. Esme stood sharply with a stern gaze.

This time Boondabarra answered.

So far…..

Other characters include Bob and Barry Barramundi who think they have the most space on the planet!

Bonnie the Kind Hippy Brown Snake and Echo the on edge Echidna!

The Mimi’s and more! Wait until I finish!

I will create art around this and just maybe create a new Australian film or movie based on my art! I’ll see how I go 🙏🦋🙏

I have a full series concept for books or a novel. I’m on FB too much as I don’t see anyone hardly so I’ll put my energy into this!


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Oil on Duck Canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

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