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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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white ink, white paint, gouache, watercolour, black inked Arches watercolour paper


I have been doing research on number meanings for houses. The numbers go only from 1 to 9. 7 houses are the spookiest of all but some are nice and some are sick or sad. This is my grandfather's old home that my mum also grew up in. I recently stopped by my grandfather's old home, having not seen it for 30+ years and much to my dismay, it was a huge unkempt mess. I knew the water feature had been removed from the property. Why is this important? Well, water of any kind, may it be a pool. outdoor spa, fountain (inside or outside), fish aquarium, or pond or overlooks a big body of water like a lake or beach, helps the 7 house release energy continuously so they don't harbour any bad energy caused by residents who may be fighting with a partner or someone else, or may be feeling sad, depressed, angry, stressed, etc. If there is no water feature or any kind of water presence close by then the bad energy builds up and then the house ends up sick in some way - that be unkempt or a bad feeling of the house. This poor old house is very very sick and I hope she can get better one day. I decided to do white ink, paint and minimal colours on black inked paper for the strongest effect of the story and a storm is happening around the place to emphasis the story.

#seven, #old house, #landscape, #spooky, #building, #spirit, #history
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