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Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

Creating hummingbird art feels like playing with colour light and energy and feels so connected to the moment. They are small delights that encourage lightness of being and that pause as we lean into the present moment. Flowers bloom all around as the hummingbird vibrates with the energy of the flow.

This small piece is painted on a wooden panel, the layers of paint and markers form a base that allows a playful flow of gold and white pigments. There is something magical about the close-up connections as the colours shimmer in the reflective nature of resin and light.

Invite the energy of presence, flow and joyful delight into your home. This original mixed media resin painting is a beautiful unique art gift to inspire energy, light and joy.

Joy amidst the flowers

There is an opening place,
Within the garden,
flowing into life
and awakening light

That wild freedom,
living within,
calling our souls,
to those inner corners.

A space to bloom,
as magic bursts of colour,
fill my heart,
with joy.

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Acrylic paint, resin, collage, alcohol inks, pigment powder and ink pens.

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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All art by Cheryle Bannon

Imagine the feeling of sunlight and that grounded connection to nature as you wander through the sunlit fields. Here within these spaces of nature that are calm and open, we feel the freedom of the path in front of us. This is the choice to be present and in wonder and gratitude for the beauty of our world. The young woman walks through the open field with her companion by her side with a sense of freedom and flow as the gentle wind blows through her hair.  The trees gather on the horizon as she moves towards the tree that grows and twists upwards towards the sunlight. There is connected energy here as life invites growth as the sunlight creates a path between them.There are spaces that are all about connection… stories that open us. ‘To give to the light’ is one of those stories. Within this timeless space of connection, the light flows around her. She is in this sanctuary of trees and the world has paused as she looks at the infant cradled in her lap. There is wonder and gratitude here in this moment. Life feels infinite as this gift of birth has manifested. The field of light stretches to the horizon and beyond. Peace and stillness live here in this tranquil, connected space. The Wattle story is a welcoming bright burst of yellow. Trees are a space where we can connect to the Earth and ground in the present moment. For me there is a deep healing in spending time with trees and being in those spaces in nature. A girl stands, just off centre bottom, on the right of the image looking up towards the flow of overhanging wattle in this sanctuary space in nature. Gratitude fills this bright space of possibilities as light dances around her and small purple flowers burst into bloom.An imagined landscape with 3 young women gathering around a central tree. Their are 2 women on the right hand side. One is standing behind the seated figure in the foreground who pats the black wolf companion that sits by her side. On the left is a third younger girl who is holding a book as she observes nature flowing around her.  The scene is set in a sheltered landscape that is a restful space of mindfulness and ease. The tree slightly off center is a home for a variety of birds as life unfolds through the layers of story as each finds their own connected spaces.
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