20180412 172016
By Chris Cox

Southern Highlands, Tablelands NSW, Australia

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Ever been for a swim and ducked under a wave and seen the beauty beneath? In this piece I have tried to encapsulate that moment. I have designed the piece in a unique way so the two paintings can be hung HORIZONTALLY (Side by Side) OR VERTICALLY (On top of one another). Simply turn the schooling fish piece UPSIDE DOWN and position BELOW the Man and you have a VERTICAL piece with a different view with deeper water and a different perspective. There are also other things to see with this view. Purchase this and it will be a great conversation piece. Hope you enjoy this painting as much as I did creating it!


Seascape, Underwater, diptych, ocean, sea, blue, teal, white, reflection, fish, fish school, purple, wave, yellow, orange, light blue, dark blue, unique 2 piece, lounge, dining, office, study, bedroom, hall, hallway, tropical fish, landscape, portrait, people, person, swimming, swim, breaker, perspective, unique, gift, shine, sky, 2 part, two part, marine, sea floor, ocean floor, landscape, surreal, impression, real, abstract, modern, contemporary, thought provoking, animals, people, fantasy, australiana, australia, animals