Chris Summer is a contemporary Hyperrealism Artist, studying forms and textures of the natural world.

Born in England, I have been practicing Art and Draughtsmanship on some level for 25 years.

With an Art & Design Diploma in London, and with training in Architectural Drawings, my background is the practice of precise Graphite.
I try to produce work of intricate detail, that also uses subtle composition, negative space and an emotional element to communicate with the observer.

With Art I hope to explore the increasing division between us and nature.

The balance of nature is faithful, born from Natural Selection in the fight for survival.
But it's also delicate and struggling to hold on under the rapid pressure of change caused by our need for consumption.

In greyscale tones and soft blends, these artworks guide the eye across the many textures and subtleties, encouraging an appreciation of an infinite array of natural beauty that we all too easily dismiss.

I love Art that leaves something to the imagination, allowing you to conjure some of your own mind and feeling into that story, but for me, painting textures and tones in that amount of detail is the only way to represent a subject in its true and honest form.
What could be more beautiful than that?


BTEC Diploma in Fine Art
Trained in drawing of Architectural Plans


2016 - Victor Harbor Art Show 2014 - SALA Festival. Joint exhibition at Anchorage Hotel, Victor Harbor 2013 - BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year, Commended in category, U.K


2014 - Brushes with Life "Definitions of Success". Melbourne
2013 - BBC Wildlife Magazine (September Issue), Winners Gallery. U.K


The Natural World
Dirk Dzimirsky
Nick Brandt (Photographer)

23cm (W) x 57cm (H)