Christopher Vidal is a professional artist born in Malta and living in Sydney since 2009. His interest in drawing started when he was only 6 years and when he was 13 he attended the School of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle in Malta, where for 3 years he studied drawing mainly from life and sculpture. After finishing his academic studies Chris worked as a scientist in various laboratories and as a medical researcher in Malta and Australia.

Chris enjoys painting various subjects using various media, however he is more focused on painting the landscape in oils or acrylics. He finds that when painting the landscape he connects to his innate love for science, environment and arts. Through landscape painting he feels himself connected to nature. His skill is continuously developing and is driven by his personal observation of what is around him which inspires him and then he translates on the canvas using paint.

Through his work Chris wants to deliver a message to everyone that sees or owns his work. Apart from sharing his own travelling experiences of places that maybe not everyone manages to see, the message is about the beauty of being alive on this planet and to enjoy living every moment of it. We exist for a very insignificant amount of time and hence we need to do the best out of it while not forgetting that we are part of nature and hence act responsibly to care for it and to leave it unharmed for future generations to enjoy.

Chis is also a tutor and he teaches drawing and painting to adults and children in several locations around Sydney.

His works are found in private and corporate collections in Australia‚ Malta‚ China‚ UK and United States.

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Drawing/painting attending School of Arts, Palazzo deLa Salle, Valletta, Malta
Self-taught in oils/acrylics
Workshops with various Australian artists

Art Teaching Experience
• Colouring the Landscape, Oil Painting Workshop, 28TH Jan 2017, http://www.work-shop.com.au/
• Drawing and Painting for beginners, Blue Mountains Creative Art Centre, Glenbrook
• Teaching Beginners and Intermediate (adults) course in Drawing and Oil Painting, Parramatta (2015 to date)
• Teaching Adults and children at City of Ryde Art Society (2016)
• Demonstration Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, West Ryde (11th Aug 2016)
• Demo Oil Painting Baulkham Hills Art Society (4th July 2016)
• 1 full day workshop at Dural Studio and Supplies (Sunday 5th June 2016)
• 1 full day workshop at MUSE Gallery, Castle Hill (5th December 2015)
• Demonstration for Baulkham Hills Art Society (3rd November 2015)


Art Shows/Exhibitions
"Lord's Garden" - Exhibition with Geoff Sellman and Robert Frost, 25th – 30th October 2016, Gallery One88 Fine Arts, 186-188 Katoomba Street, Katoomba.

“Alchemical Allusions” – Exhibition together with Robert Frost and Clayton Micallef
11th – 28th March 2015, Zigi’sArt and Wine Bar, Chippendale

Community Redfern Night Markets – Every first Friday of the month

Group Exhibitions
January 2016 – Art of Sydney Awards – Darling Harbour, NSW, Australia
Oct 2015 – City of Ryde Annaul Art Expo, Ryde NSW, Australia
Oct 2015 - Parramatta Annual Art Awards - Parramatta, NSW, Australia
May 2015 – St Ive’s Show, Northern Suburbs Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc.
March 2015 - Royal Easter Show, The Royal Agricultural Society, Olympic Park, NSW
January 2015 - Art of Sydney, Combined Art Societies of Sydney, Darling Harbour
October 2014 - City of Ryde Annual Art Exhibition 2014 - Ryde, NSW, Australia
October 2014 - Parramatta Annual Art Awards 2014 - Parramatta, NSW, Australia
August 2014 - King's 35th Annual Art Show, North Parramatta, NSW, Australia
August 2014 - Lane Cove Art Society Art Awards, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
July 2014 - Coal and Allied Singleton Art Prize, Singleton, NSW, Australia
June 2014 - Drummoyne Art Awards. Drummoyne, NSW, Australia
April 2014 - Winston Hills Art Exhibition, Parramatta Art Society (2 artworks sold)
April 2014 – Royal Easter Show 2014 (1 artwork sold)
17th November 2013 - CASS Art Direct Open Studios
October 2013 - Foundation Day Parramatta Art Society Art Exhibition, Townhall, Parramatta
September 2013 - Orange Blossom Art Exhibition, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia
April 2013 - Winston Hills Exhibition, Parramatta Art Society (1 artwork sold)
Oct 2012 - Parramatta Art Society Art Exhibition, Townhall, Parramatta
Sep 2012 - Orange Blossom Art Exhibition - Castle Hill Art Society, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia
July 2012 - Tap Gallery Art Exhibition, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia
Sep 2011 - Baulkham Hills Art Society - Exhibition in Castle Hill, NSW, Australia
May 2011 - Pyrmont Art Festival, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia
May 2010 - Pyrmont Art Festival, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia
1986 - 16th International Childrens Art Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

All Year round Exhibition
City of Parramatta Art Society Gallery, Shop 6, 4 – 14 Hunter Street, Parramatta


Publications and Licensing
• “Observing and Appreciating” and demonstration published Creative Artist volume 14 (2016)
• “From Science to Art”, Australian Artist Magazine, November 2016
• 4 Artworks chosen and licensed for production of coasters (http://downunderdesigns.com.au)
• Artists of Australia in American Southwest Art Magazine (April 2016)
• “My Artistic Life” and demonstration published in Artist Palette Magazine, July 2014
• “Love in the Bush” published in an international book “Love Sayings” (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Sayings-Romance-Courtship-Marriage/dp/0982253885)
• My artwork was chosen as a design for a commercial by FlipDivision (http://www.flipdivision.com/)


Various Australian and international artists painting landscapes in realistic and impressionistic styles. Love to look at the various techniques used and how they approach the subject.

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