I love the way colors play with each other. They create, they enhance, they cover. Colors speak to textures, Textures invite you to explore. You find yourself immersed in a different time and place. You become the colors, you can taste them and you can hear their song. Together the images speak into your life, conveying messages, instilling hope. The past, the future, it dares to speak the truth.

I feel color. I hear color. A painting is like a musical composition, sometimes a jazz solo, sometimes a symphony. Sometimes it is a poem or a narrative.
It may be a story with many chapters, or a single word. Sometimes it is silence.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor since 2010.

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HSC Art in Abstract Textiles


Multiple Local Area Exhibitions
Cancer Council Arts Awards shortlisted 2012, 2013


Life. I paint what I feel not what I think or see.

60cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Acrylic Paint