Coco is a Pop Artist with a difference. Contrary to the common pop use of advertising‚ comic book imagery‚ cultural kitch and irony‚ the motivating sources behind her choice of subjects include universally inspiring figures of modern history. The figures that she portrays are well known and like some other Pop artists she does create an entire series painting the same figure in altered settings.
Stencils‚ brushwork‚ charcoal‚ graphite and other mixed media are used in her art works.

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Although the approaches of 1960s and 1970\'s pop art have inspired the layers and inclusion of text and quotes‚ it is the very subjects who have provided the majority of inspiration and impetus for each series of mixed media paintings of Coco.

120cm (W) x 90cm (H)
Mixed Media
100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Mixed Media
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