Craig is a professional artist producing works with a wildlife focus across a range of mediums including graphite pencil, colour pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour and acrylic. The range of portrayed subjects are as varied as the medium in which they are produced ranging from the majesty of the big cats through to the grace of birds and the intricacies of insects plus all in between. Often the choice of medium and style will reflect either the subject matter itself or the type of evocative response sought from the piece.

The works have a focus on realism but will often retail a 'painterly' or 'drawn' quality allowing for not only a focus on the subject matter itself but also the dedication to detail and technique needed to produce such works and similarly reflecting on the complexity of the subject and of the relationships in the natural world. The variation in styles allows for each new work to exhibit a freshness and newness with some subjects being portrayed in varying styles and medium engendering the viewer to focus on different aspects of the subject. Many pieces are produced with the subject against a stark untouched background of paper allowing the structure and form, light and shadow, pattern and texture to become the focus of the piece and the subject.

The immense time invested into each piece reflect Craig's formal scientific background and engender works that are high in detailed accuracy.

Craig has been formerly employed as a scientific illustrator in an Australian regional museum where he was producing pieces for scientific research, scientific journals, scientific papers, reconstructions, palaeontological displays, general exhibitions, interpretive illustration and general signage.

Works are currently held in private collections around Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand.

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