Molly Moores has a House Like Yours

Ross Morgan is an artist whose imagination knows no bounds. His highly detailed illustrations and paintings are filled with colourful wonder that captivate and delight both the young and old.
In 2018 Ross was selected for the Raising Literacy Australia’s Emerging Author and Illustrator Mentoring Project. Through this initiative he completed his first illustrated book ‘Molly Moores has a House Like Yours’ written by Kaliah Tsakalidis. In this curation, we celebrate the artworks for this delightful children's book, which form part of Ross' exhibition at Bluethumb's Adelaide Gallery between 29 April - 13 May 2021.

Curated by Amélia Davis

About the Curator

Amélia Davis

Amélia is Bluethumb's Consultant Art Specialist. She is an expert matchmaker for artworks and art collectors.
She has worked in the art world across three continents, including for international art auction houses, and loves finding artworks their forever home.

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